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It is such a freakish condition and you feel so helpless. After Spot passed, I read everything I could about the condition to make myself believe I did the right thing. Now I know I did. My granddaughter was reading this but I sent her in the other room because I have tears running down my cheeks too. I agree with the others, you will know when it is time. Eleven years is a good long life for her. It reflects the care and love you have given her. Sometimes I wonder if the pain of loosing a pet is worth it. But it is. I can now smile at the memories of all my critters. And I do have faith I will see them again. We all have our arms around you and Villy. When you realize that you have exhausted any options and have truly done all you can, the choice will be clearer. I pray for you guys and just think of all the people all over the world who know about Villy and the valient fight she has fought. You have many friends pulling for you. God bless. Shannon
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Thinking of you Villy

hugs and headbump kisses

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Villy was still looking a bit low last night, and I was concerned about her visit to the vets today, so my ex, her purrpaw, came over to visit her last night.
She was so happy to see him :-) She was meowing at him, purring, sitting next to him on the sofa, and she didn't even complain too much when he helped me give her her pills.
Maybe she missed him?
Who knows, if he cheers her up like that then he can come again.
So we went to the vets today. She has lost a bit more weight, she now weighs 2.45 kilos, she's teeny tiny. But she's still bright, and eating, using her scratching post, etc. The reason she's probably losing weight is because she's not eating enough to get the extra energy required to re-build her tissues etc.
She's come home with some special turkey flavoured extra fattening soup/porridge, and some more fattening food, which she doesn't really like, so I'm mixing it with whiskas.
I have to do all I can to help her gain weight, the vet even suggested syringe feeding her, which hasn't been neccessary yet, I'm just making sure the gravy/porridge is always available, and the fattening food, so she can pick at it.
I have to call the vet on tuesday to let him know if she's gained any condition, and if she hasn't, then w have to consider the surgery to re-direct the fluid from her chest cavity to her abdomen.
Fattening vibes villy! :
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Fattening on the way!
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Mega fattening coming over for Villy

I really hope this problem can get sorted for her though
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Thanks for the update. What a nice treat for Villy to see her old friend.

C'mon Villy eat up, stop worrying your momma so much!

All paws crossed.
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send her a ton of fat grams through the mail. We are pulling for Villy. Her body language sounds good. What about an appitite stimulant? Eat up Villy!
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Thanks everyone.
I am giving her an appetite stimulant every couple of days. Come on Villy, eat up!
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Clever girl, keep eating pumpkin
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C'mon Villy, your mom is doing everything possible to help you, now help yourself pretty girl and eat up!
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Still sending vibes for your sweet girl
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Oh Villy come on Baby
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Thanks everyone, I'm still encouraging her to eat
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Clever girl Villy! Hang in there Jessy

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Jessy. Come on Vill, you can do it old girl!!
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