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Villy was really bright last night
She was walking around, meowing at me and my housemate, she snuggled up really close to me on the sofa, she asked to go out, she even batted at the feathers from da bird a little bit! keep it up Villy!
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can speak volumes as to how they are feeling. Lets hope this is an indicator of better times ahead. I have been off a few days. What is her diagnosis? Was it chylothorax? FIP? Or do they know? Keep getting better Villy! And hang on Jessy! Thoughts and prayers for you. God bless.
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That sounds promising! More for more improvement!
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Good news!

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This is great news! Keep it up Villy!!
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I've been following the board. This is great news! Keep it up, Villy, you're in our prayers.
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I've been away for three days, but I am glad to hear the news is bettewr. Keep it up, Villy!
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Originally Posted by farleyv View Post
can speak volumes as to how they are feeling. Lets hope this is an indicator of better times ahead. I have been off a few days. What is her diagnosis? Was it chylothorax? FIP? Or do they know? Keep getting better Villy! And hang on Jessy! Thoughts and prayers for you. God bless.

I don't think they know exactly what it is/was? It started as Chylothorax......
We went back to the vets on Thursday, he said her chest sounds clear. He also said she felt a little less boney on top. Her weight has been fluctuating between 2.6 - 3 kilos, so she needs to gain weight. She's been looking really keen to eat, then when she gets to her bowl looks dissapointed and won't eat. She has special weight gain wet food from the vet. I've offered her tuna to, she's not been too keen. My BF said that whenever he feels a bit rubbish he wants junk food, so why don't I get her some whiskas wet food
Well I got her some and she loved it! Brilliant BF! He has two cats as well. So, it's a shame she's not eating the lovely fattening food, but at least she's been eating the whiskas.

We're just taking it hour by hour, day by day, and seeing how she goes.

She has to go back to the vets for a check up on Thursday, or if she's ok we can postpone to the following week.

I've maxed out my allowance on the insurance now, so I'm spending my own money, and I'm broke! She's worth it though.

Keep it up Villy
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Wow, that's amazing!!!
For a little bit there I was about to lose hope ... I am just so thrilled Villy has made a complete turn around! That is soooo great to see!
Well, IMO at this point it doesn't really matter what she is eating, as long as she eats! Whikas is junk, but it is balanced, so bring it on!!!!
Many many vibes for Villy
and hugs to you!
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As far as eating goes, when out tudedo cat Morgan went on her "no eating" issue a few years ago and spent 5 days at the vet, our goal was to get ther to eat and that meant whatever interested her, the vet said that was better than not eating.

That meant Temptations Seafood treats. I know that is something like me having a steady diet of Tostitos corn chips BUT, it was food.

After a few days of treats food, she got the idea to eat a more ballanced diet. She is fine now. HOWEVER, she has become an insatiable beggar for treats food but, that was a small price to pay

I hope all continues to improve.
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news! I agree that whatever she eats is a good thing. It sounds like you may have made through the woods. I sure hope everything keeps going well. We all can sympathize on the costs! But as you say, they are worth it. I will keep an eye here, please keep us informed.
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Villy's breathing is still exaggerated. It was like that when she came home, the vet said it's because when a cat has problems breathing, sometimes the muscles around the chest get fatty, and she's breathing using the muscles in her abdomen instead. It makes me nervous as it looks similar to when she has fluid on her chest. She's still enjoying her whiskas, and is playful, so I have to stay calm and remember she's using different muscles now. I just wish she was 100% again, it's so stressfull!
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Awwww poor baby, at least she's getting some food into her to bulk her out again.

More healthy coming over
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Oh I can imagine that it would be so heartbreaking to see your baby like this..... sending lots and lots of vibes that way for you both
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I took Villy back to the vets today for a check up and some of the fluid has returned.

She's having an x-ray this afternoon to see how much is there.

I'm so dissappointed, she's been doing so well, she's been looking so much better
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I am so very sorry for the both of you. It must be such very trying time for you both. Sending so many vibes that way
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Thanks Pam.

Villy's home now, she was a bit drowsy last night as she had been sedated for her x-ray. She still managed some dinner though.
It's just waiting and seeing if any more fluid comes back now, there wasn't enough there to warrent draining it.
She has to go back for a check up next Thursday afternoon.
There is another surgery they can do, but I don't know if it's fair on her to carry on?
They would tie the tube which is leaking into her chest, and instead the chyle would leak into her abdomen, where it's more easily absorbed. It has about a 70% success rate.
She's tiny already though, she only weighs 2.6 kilos. Obviously i want to try everything, but how do you know when it's fair to carry on? She's 11 now, my poor baby girl.

Any input will be gladly recieved
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to read this. I have been thinking of you two. Indicision is so draining on a person. So, it sounds like it is lymph fluid leaking into her chest? Honestly Jessy, I don't know what to say. You and Villy have certainly fought hard and you have done everything you can possibly do. Chyle is so difficult to deal with. When I took Spot in, I thought a pill would "fix" it. But there is hope. There is always hope. Know we are all pulling for Villy. She isn't that old yet. I had a cat until he was 22 years old. Please keep us posted. God bless you and Villy.
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Hey Farleyv,
Sorry, I don't know your name. I justr saw your earlier posts, when you joined, back in February, and from my experience with Villy it osunds like you did the kindest thing. Villy's still not doing great, she looks miserable, and it breaks my heart to see her like this.
I'm hoping, praying and willing her to get better.
I hate giving her pills everyday, as I know she hates it. I wish I didn't have to work, so I could stay home and be with her.
I think she's getting thinner I hate chylothorax.
I'm so scared of losing my best friend.
I can't write any more because I'm crying xx
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Oh Jessy When does Villy go back for a check up?
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Hi Susan, I'm taking her back on Thursday
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Jessy and Villy
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Dear Jessy, I have just read through this thread, almost dreading getting near the end, but am so happy that Villy is still with you.

Having been on the roller coaster ride with a cat with a chronic illness several times I have much sympathy and empathy for you, and want to tell you how proud I am of your for going the distance with your Villy.

It's not an easy road, all the ups and downs and trips to the vet, and going into debt. But our beloved catties are surely worth it.

I know you are worried about how much to put her through. I know you are concerned about how much is too much, when you get to a certain point you start worrying am I doing this for her, or for myself to keep her with me?

Listen to your heart Jessy, and Villy's, look into her eyes and talk to her, and she will tell you if she's had enough.

She sounds like a real fighter, though, so I am praying, and all paws crossed here, that she can continue the fight.

I know you will do what is best for Villy, first and foremost.

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Mega ther her check up on Thurs goes very well!!!!

for you...
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Villy will tell you when she has had enough. All you need to do is observe her closely, get down to her level and look into her eyes. If you see a spark, keep going. If not, she has done all she can do and now she just wants peace. It is a difficult decision, but listen to her voice inside of you and you will know when the end of the road is before you.

Hugs to you both- next time she goes in for an overnight stay- take a really thin tee shirt and put it on and exercise your heartache to the max. Get the tee shirt so sweaty you have to almost wring it out. Throw it into a ziploc and take it with you to the vet. Tell the vet you don't care if you ever see the shirt again, but it must stay in the cage with Villy. Your smell will comfort her during a very stressful and scary time.
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Thank you everyone, you are helping no end. Your support and kind words are carrying me through.
I'm looking to her eyes all the time. And talking to her, and stroking her. Her eyes look tired. She'll look really exhausted, for example Friday night, I thought that it was the end, she looked so awful, I laid on the bed with her and she kept staring deep into my eyes, like she was trying to tell me something. She didn't used to look into my eyes for that long, she used to look away, as cats do. But Friday she was really looking deep. We decided to see how she was in the morning, and when I woke up she was really bright, she was laying on top of me, and went and sat by her bowl asking for her breakfast.
This week she hasn't gained any condition at all, she's lost it, she's so thin, she stumbled up a couple of stairs last night. I've taken out the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers and put her favourite cushion in there so that she has a cosy hidey hole and she doesn't have to jump up anywhere to get comfy. I can put her food in there with her so that Roxy doesn't steal it.
Last night she came downstairs, sat on the sofa with me, used her scratching post.
This morning she got excited when she saw me bringing her favourite breakfast, and she managed a little meow :-)
You see she's up and down all the time. I'll see what the vet says tomorrow.
She's so thin, she looks like these size zero celebrities, where their head is too big for her body.
I don't know if I should be preparing myself for the worst, or if I will ruin it by being negative, and should just be positive.
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All I have to say is:
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Jessy, I can't even imagine what you're going through. I know you want to do the best for your baby, whatever that is. It's just so hard. for you and scritches for Villy.
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You might as well just keep thinking positive. Preparing yourself for the worst, I've found, does no good in the end when it's time to say good bye. No matter how prepared you think you are, the event is devastating.

It sounds like Villy was telling you she's not ready yet. She wants her food, she wants you, she likes her new Spot. All paws crossed things don't get any worse, and perhaps there will be some improvement.
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