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Chaos At My Place

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Hi there Cat lovers

It's New Mum Sam here again, I'm hoping you can help....my two new beautiful additions Moomin and Biscuit (5 and 6 month olds, both girls from the SPCA) are causing chaos at home.

They knew each other only for a short time before we took them as they shared a cage at the SPCA. Since we got them home (two weeks now)Biscuit has been bullying Moomin. She seems to be very jealous indeed. We love them both the same of course, and neither gets more attention than the other. Biscuit gets very angry when we pet Moomin especially at night when we are in bed...Moomin has taken to sleeping on John's (my lovely man) pillow all night...if she moves or tries to snuggle then Biscuit emits this really ugly low growl and inevitably gets involved. I try to keep Biscuit happy by stroking her (what feels like ALL night at the moment!)but invaribaly it results in both cats leaping off the bed and having a rough and tumble session...they really go for it too...lots of wrestling and biting...and the thundering of tiny buffalo hooves starts at 11pm and can last up to 4am!

At the weekend Biscuit actually barged past Moomin being nosy on the landing and it resulted in Moomin falling into thin air (the equivalent of from the ceilnig to the floor....my heart was in my mouth she ran under the bed and stayed there...she seems to be there when we get in from work at night too as if she has hassle from Biscuit all day!

Please help! I really don't know what to do, it upsets both of us to see them like this when really they are both loving puss cats. We live in an open plan space where only the bathroom is shut off....after a particularly nasty episode of biting last night, I put Biscuit in the bathroom for 'Time Out' and she repaid the favour by pooing in the bath!!! What can you do?

They both seem to be over their 'snuffles' although they did end up on another medication to stem the effect of the antibiotics from the other end...if you know what I mean...boy oh boy! They have finished both courses now though....


Desparately seeking advice

Very Tired Sam (2 weeks of sleepless nights!):sleep3:
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HI Sam-

It does sound like you are having an active time of it with these two cats. After Moomin fell did you notice any problems? Was Moomin injured in any way?

It could be that one of these cats is sick. When cats are sick they emit a strange odor that sometimes sets the other one off at the one who is ill. That could be a possibility.

If they are both on antibiotics though, they have probably already been to the vet right?

I would try the vanilla extract trick, and put a little bit back under thier chins and at the base of their tails as well as on their shoulder blades. YOu want them to smell the same and not smell a threat.

Also before they go to bed, I would give each one of them individual play time- one on one, for at least 10 minutes. Do this is a room away from the other cat, and make it really interactive. Then feed them both a dish of warmed canned cat food right before your head hits the pillow.

I would also get them spayed, and invest in a Feliway Comfort Zone room plug-in-

Good luck!
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Thanks for that...no Moomin wasn't hurt she has been fine since the 'incident', we checked her over thoroughly...

They were both spayed when we got them...will try the vanilla essence too! Sounds good!

We found that playing with them both together and then separately seemed to help they were pooped last night and slept on the bed most of the night! Hurrah!

In the last couple of days one of them or both have taken to digging in my pot plants...not sure if anything was 'done' in there, had a look couldn't find anything but the mess!!!! Am going to get some stones to put over the surface to dissuade them....gawd!
could it be that they don't like the organic litter I got them?? They do use it but we have found 'parcels' upstairs a couple of times....it s a battle against the poop!

What is a Feliway Comfort Zone room plug-in?? Am in New Zealand here!!

Thanks again for responding!

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