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Question of the Day July 11th

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Morning All!!

Off to bit of a slow start here today

Today's question is a bit of a silly one:

Do you remember your first big crush, and do you ever still have contact with that person?

My first crush was on a friend of my bother's. I think I was about 9 at the time so he would have been in his twenties. I thought he was the greatest thing in the world. He was a very sweet guy and everytime he saw me he would give me a pat on the head and say how's it going munkin.
I seen him at my brother's 60th birthday party back in June and his reaction was to ruffle my hair and say "it doesn't have the same effect it use to no giggles" We both laughed of course but I knon I was blushing.
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I remember him, and dated him for 3 years once I became 'legal' since he was 4 or 5 years older than me.

Wish I had just kept the memory of the crush instead
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Yeah I remember him, the car he drove, and that he looked like Randolph Mantooth. I ran into him at a mutual friends house after about 6 years later & we went out for awhile. He was a really nice guy, but it was a long distance thing. Haven't seen him 20 years or more.
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Yeah, I remember Scott. It was Grade 7. He transferred in after Christmas. We went to different schools in Grade 8 and I never saw him again.
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yup, it was 5th grade and his name was Danny Baker- he was only in my school for a year and I never saw him again I remember this orange sweater he used to wear
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My first big crush was Troy Hollowell, and I was in the fifth and sixth grade. I thought he was soooo cute, and he was very athletic. I didn't get over my crush until I was in high school. I haven't seen Troy since I graduated. No idea what happened to him. Now I'm tempted to see if I could find him on Facebook.

Edit: Well, if the man's Facebook profile is anything to go by, he's still very handsome! And he lives in Kentucky. That's all I could get without befriending him. How awkward would it be to try to add your elementary school crush to your Facebook just to look at his pictures?
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7th grade.

Never did anything about it.

After I changed schools, she transferred too a year later. It was kind of sad. She had a drug problem and had an eating disorder. Between the drugs and making herself vomit, she looked terrible. We graduated that year and I moved to Boston for college (I started college in Boston but graduated in Florida). I've never seen her since. Don't know if she got help or not.

Anyways, that's probably not the happy "crush" story you were looking for. Sorry.
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