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Need help figuring him out

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Seti, my youngest cat of four, pees on hard flat surfaces like the top of our filing cabinets, my computer desk, etc. He generally does it when there's something like a magazine laying on top of it so he'll pee on the magazine which then leaks down to the desk. He has done this off and on for his whole life of two years and may not last much longer (I'm not serious) if he doesn't cut it out. I never can catch him doing it but know it's him. We've plenty of litter boxes which stay spotless. I even bought him a Litter Robot in case spotless just isn't spotless enough for him.

Thoughts? I've got to know why he's doing this if I've any prayer of stopping him. He's already destroyed a $50 filing cabinet that we just replaced in the last month.
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What about using a paper pallet litter, like yesterday news?
Also, you could try cat attract litter - it seems to be pretty successful.
Try to not have magazines laying around...
Good luck!
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i had a cat who used to pee on ME every once in awhile. finally figured out she did it when she felt she wasn't getting enough attention - she was one of five cats. as long as i gave her special time each day it didn't happen. not sure if this is the case, just what happened to me as an idea
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Is he sometimes being bullied by your other cats? Perhaps they intimidate him when he tries to use a litter box?
What kind of cat litter do you use? Some cats are picky about it. If he likes paper, maybe you need those cat litters made out of newspaper.
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We use 3 different types of litter. One is Cat Attract. He uses all the boxes which are spread out. No one picks on him, well, Hemmy does but it's mutual picking and it goes both ways.

It's just that we'll go for a while where it isn't a problem at all then suddenly he'll start peeing in inappropriate and inexplicable places. I should add that this is a behavior problem and his health has checked out and is fine.
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I am wondering if Seti doesn't like clutter? Some cats DO NOT like anything lying around. And they tell you so in not such subtle ways. Or like the other poster said maybe one of the cats is not letting him use the litterbox and he is stressed. To pee up so high like that makes me think this may be the problem???

Also, I would try putting a litterbox in the room where he is peeing inappropriately and put just newspaper in the litterbos or puppy training pads. Seti may like to pee on soft surfaces instead of the litter in the box??? I have heard of many cats stop peeing after their owners change to just plain newspaper or puppy training pads. Some people even put towels in the litterbox for their cats....

Have you tried a few feliway diffusers throughout the house to maybe help with relieving any stress or tension between the cats?

I am going to attach a link to a Feline Inappropriate Elimination group you also may want to join. The people on the forum are full of wonderful advice and are willing to help you through this problem

Good luck and please do keep us updated!

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Have you taken him to the vet? Is there nothing organically wrong?
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Originally Posted by Denali View Post
I am wondering if Seti doesn't like clutter? Some cats DO NOT like anything lying around. And they tell you so in not such subtle ways.
Oh man, if that were the case with my cats, I'd be in BIG trouble (!), but maybe it's worth considering. If you keep the top of your desk clear, perhaps he'd have less incentive. I also like the idea of putting another litterbox near the place he's been going; that method has helped me in the past.

I really can't add much to what's already been said, but I did want to say that Seti is lucky to have such a caring owner. Most people aren't as patient when it comes to this particular problem.
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He may not like the clutter. He also peed on a shirt of mine that was on a different desk. That makes more sense to me as he can at least cover up with it. I'm certain cats picking on him isn't the problem as there are several boxes spread out around the house where even if anyone was bothering him (and it would only be one of our cats) he could still get to another box. Besides, he's usually the one doing the bothering. It's just so weird that he'll pee on the desk and on top of filing cabinets. He's even gone on cabinets where there isn't anything and sometimes he'll go in the bathroom sink. This seems to go in spurts too where he'll use the boxes for months on end with no trouble, then we'll find urine in some strange places.

He's checked out for health and another cat of our has had UTI's so we're well-versed in spotting those.

We've Feliway diffusers a plenty around here! I just wish I understood why he likes going on hard, flat surfaces. I think I'll try the towel in an empty litter box idea and see how that pans out.
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My Jasper used to have a thing for plastic shopping bags you left one anywere he would find it and pee on it I would have him checked out again Jasper had UTI and after his op he stoped peeing on the bags don't know that it was conected but we did put it down to that I could have it all wrong but it all seemed to fit
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I have a kitty who likes to pee on *anything* left on the bathroom floor for too long - so if you use my bathroom don't stand still too long or you're foot is next! I simply keep things picked up off the floor (which is much easier in my case than in yours!).

Does he always specifally go for the same type/texture thing? Like some cats always pee on paper, some always pee on plastic, some always pee on clothing, some always pee on nylon, etc.
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Sounds like he is marking his territory. Something smells new, let me pee on it & make it mine. Even neutered cats do it.

My cat, Chicken makes me make the bed up in the morning... if I don't pull the blanket over the sheets she will pee on the sheet, 99% of the time it's smack dab in the middle of the freaking bed. Sometimes she does it when the bed is made, the little weirdo. God I love cats!

The things we put up with, who said unconditional love doesn't have a pricetag? LOL!
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