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Weekend invasion into YOUR life: Sat. July 11th

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Mornin folks....

Thunderstormy, humid, and warm today.....

It's an all around sucky day.

No plans for the weekend here....

I did bite the bullet and put the A/C on.

Have a good day folks.
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Morning everyone.

I woke up early this morning, but still got 10 hours of sleep. Felt SO good, especially since I've woken up every day this week at 4:30 for work. Yuck! Have to clean the apartment before everyone gets here. Then we're going wedding dress shopping!! I'm so excited because two of my friends are coming and both mine and FH's mom, along with his niece.

Everyone, except my parents, are going home tonight, and FH is going to a concert with his best (wo)man (lol!) So I'll be by myself tonight, my parents stay in a hotel when they're up here. Maybe I'll watch the Harper's Island finale, or just wait and watch it with FH tomorrow. Who knows.

Have a good one everyone!
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Morning All

Lots of thunderstorms here last night but things have seemed to calm down for now.

Not sure what i am doing today most likely not to much, didn't sleep all that well because of the storms and my scaredy cats so am feeling a bit weary.

I do have some laundry to do, and should tidy up my bedroom and bathroom.

The kitties are still a little freaked from the storms and are in my bed under the comforter. However I am sure if I rattled a food bag they would come running.

Everyone have a great day
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Got nothing planned for today, nothing, nada, zip, and I love it!
We had storms roll through last night in the wee hours, they woke me up to find the cat sitting in the window watching the lightning! Two peas in a pod we are (I love storms)
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Good morning!!

Off to a good start today. I'm actually off today . Got up about 9, made breakfast for me and the BF, and now lazing around for awhile.

Hopefully, I will use this rare Saturday off to get some much needed stuff done around the house. I want to rearange the bedroom and finally sort through all of Josh's crap that has been piled in a corner in the living room since he moved in (in February!!!).

Going to try to get to bed early since I do work tomorrow. We're doing a spay/neuter day for our local TNR group. Hopefully we'll have about 10-15 cats. Last spay day we had we did 10 cats (6 spays, 4 neuters) in about 5 hours! Hope it goes as smoothly.

Hope everybody has a great Saturday.
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It's a warm and sunny day today. It's my "tuesday" so it's off to work I go to my favorite little lady's house.

My fiancee is making breakfast...mmmm...the house smells of bacon and coffee.

My daughter's house guest just left, Nice kid but nice to have the house back to ours.

The puppy finally figured out that pooping outside is a good thing!!
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I don't have big plans today. I slept in (sort of, woke up at 7:30 after staying up until 2am, fell back asleep for a few hours, whew!) which was so nice.
Got my garden weeded and the small pea pods picked. I didnt have any time off so most of the crop has turned in to peas but I got a few cups of nice small pods.
It's been two weeks since I've mowed the lawn and my reel mower wont cut it (too wet and long) so I need to borrow the neighbors gas mower but I cant bring myself to go over there since they're on vacation and whichever family member is house sitting will probably think I'm stealing the thing.
I think I'll alternate between peeling wallpaper in my bedroom (so I can paint!) and watching TV and maybe baking some cookies as a welcome home/can I borrow your mower now gift to the neighbors.
It's a gorgeous day, hot but since it rained for three weeks during June I'm so happy to have everything drying out.
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10:45am local as I post this....Am doing a food consumption study this weekend, so have to go to lab at 8am and 4pm each day to weigh food. Went to the farmers market after this morning, and got some rainier cherries, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, beef jerky, empanadas, and peppers. I may have eaten all the cherries already
Going to go see Bruno in a bit, then buy some paintbrushes. Not sure what Ill do in the evening! Maybe go to the zoo fundraiser??? Maybe just watch some Seagal movies!
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Pack. Pack some more. Oh yeah, more packing. Then I have a meeting for my sci-fi club at 2pm. And then... guess.... MORE PACKING!! I have a little over a week before i get the keys for the new place. I'm slowing unearthing the last bookcase, got all the books off the top half and on to the table, then I'll start filling boxes (using fabric as filler in the top of the boxes). Part of my problem is that there's nowhere to put the boxes......

I work tomorrow 11-7:30, so pretty much nothing happens tomorrow except work. I could get a box filled up if I get up early enough, but it depends. I'm half tempted to request next Sunday off from work, or Monday, to do a 'right before the move' mad dash packing. That would be a good day to do things like shoving clothes into garbage bags, etc...

Back to packing...
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Afternoon. It's beautiful out but a bit humid. Some storms later.

Once I get my butt moving we are heading to Kmart for the last day of their double coupon deals. They are the only store around that accept internet coupons Not sure about dinner yet but hopefully after we will take a walk in the park.
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Its still morning here! I got up early went to the barn to turn out the ponies, getting some lunch from my favorite chinese food place that is closing on the 19th . Then off to work at 1pm! Work tommorrow as well hopefully I will have time to run by the pet store, my new Kamie needs some more food! Have a great day!
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Good afternoon! Got my errands run, laundry mostly done, had the 2 hour chat with my sister, and now am shopping online for new embroidery patterns. Tonight DH takes me out to dinner to celebrate the fact that we closed our house refinancing this week (can you say lower monthly payment?).
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I slept until 12:20pm today! Boy did I need it. Doing nothing today.

But my sister and her DH are up from Birmingham for a tandem bike rally this weekend. Tomorrow we're driving down to Allentown to meet them for a late lunch/early dinner before they start their drive home. We're not very close, but it's always nice to see her.

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Hi everyone!

Conference is going well in Chicago. It's been crazy humid, though and I'm really not used to that. Heading out to find some dinner in a bit because the restaurant in the hotel is crazy expensive.

Hope everyone had a good day.
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