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Pilling a cat has never been so easy!

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Stella has a mild UTI which is being treated with antibiotics (Clavulox).

I thought uh oh...this is not going to be easy pilling her.

But I discovered that she is the easiest cat to pill - all I have to do is wave it in front of her nose and she will take it, thinking it is a treat. Sucker!
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aww bless her

that's so sweet how she thinks its a treat it almost sounds cruel. but still...
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LOL! I think that's fab, Kellye.

Definitely a sucker!
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just be sure and give her a real treat after the pill
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Awww what a sweetie. Shes just making up for the other things
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Good girl Stella!!!

Will she give lessons?
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it IS a treat, a get well soon I love you and want you better treat!
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Wow, someone who is easier to pill than Carly.

Carly will take anything in a pill pocket and one time the pill fell out and she ate as if it were still part of the treat.
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My Fangy has you all beat. I just hold up the pill, and say pill, he walks over to the rug and rolls on his back so I can give it to him. Never struggles, always swallows. He could only do more by opening the bottle for me.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Good girl Stella!!!

Will she give lessons?
You are all blowing my mind with your easy pilling stories. I have scars from trying to pill Binks. My worst one on my arm was only for ear drops. Sassy cat.
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I inherited a cat who is just plain stressed out and terrified and was peeing and spraying all over (I have 4 other cats who weren't very welcoming AND she missed her deceased owner). So my vet put her on an anti-anxiety med which has worked well . . . . but getting the pill into her was tricky until I found a method that works beautifully. I got a supply (from my vet) of those plastic 5 ml syringes which I cut off at the end just before it starts to taper to a point. Then I get some pate type food (I use Hill's A/D) and mix it with a little water until it is of a consistency that I can "draw" it up into the cut off syringe. I only draw up about a 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch of the food and then pull the plunger back a little and insert the pill on top of the food. The cat only tastes the food . . .which it likes . . . and I simply grab her top jaw, open her mouth and stick the syringe end back into her mouth and push the food/pill down her throat. The pill is the first thing swallowed using this method and I've never had a problem doing it this way.
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I've had to give Lua antibiotics twice (once for a UTI and she got a mild internal infection after her spay surgery). Both times, the antibiotics were liquid droppers...I figured it would be a pain.

I sat with her on the kitchen floor, let her smell the treat I had for her (a little chunk of raw chicken) and then hid the treat under my leg. I'd set her on my lap, scratch her, squirt the medicine in her mouth, and then immediately feed her the treat. It was so easy, and she associated the whole process with getting a treat more than the medicine, so at medication times she'd hop on my lap and take the meds without me even having to hold her.
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Greenies pill pockets are one of the greatest inventions ever!
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