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Pet Airways - coming next week!

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PetAirways start flying next week! I think this is an awesome service, and I would fly my kitties with them instead of cargo in a heart beat! Now I definitely feel better about traveling with my kitties if I need to move... I also think it is going to be a great deal for breeders and breeders' clients... I think the ticket price is fair, all things considering, but I have no idea how it compares with shipping cargo...
Anyway - I think this is just fabulous for our babies - it was a very interesting piece of news on CNN today
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shipping cargo or taking a pet inside is usually around $200-$400 depending on the airline. To me that's reasonable...what's the price for this pet airways? I suspect they will charge more..And another problem that I see is that they don't have much competition- when I go on travelocity to book my human ticket it lists so many different airlines and I pick the cheapest out of all..

ETA: I just looked more closely and the prices look very I like this.
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The prices vary from $149 - $299, which I think are quite fair in comparison to the range you posted... The only problem I see is that it only serves a few locations,but I am sure as the service picks up, it will grow into more airports. I think it is also awesome that they have potty breaks every 2 hours, and that you can drop off/pick up your pet up to 72 hours before/after the flight... I think it is a GREAT idea - If they open it in Dallas I am pretty sure I will be a customer
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I have taked to some breeders about it.
Most are a litle iffy on it right now because it serves so few cities and some of the prices are more then shipping in cargo depending on what state they are shipping from.
The breeders I now did say they will give it a chance.
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This is slightly anal retentive and it's not like I know anything about aviation but I'm a little concerned with their airplanes. They use small twin turbo type planes and I wonder if these types of planes are as safe as the larger jet planes. Especially when you consider their coast to coast routes.
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That plane is quite safe, and the most popular 19 seater in history. Still widely used in regional airlines - I have flown in it; yes, it is a bumpier flight than bigger planes, but still very safe. It is also widely used for cargo and military. I am not afraid of personally flying, or flying my kitties in it.
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I'm moving from the LA area to Chicago at the end of August, I have two cats, no car, and I'm doing this myself. Thanks for posting about this, this is certainly an option for me! If I end up using it, I'll tell you all about it!

It looks like it would be $200 - $250 per cat, depending on whether I choose the small or medium carrier.
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Wish this was a year ago...
I'd definitely give it a try one day if my city would be included(right now - NOT).
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For those of you that use Twitter, you can follow their feed for up-to-the-minute updates! It's located here:
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