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jack is sick please help..!!

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ok so about two days ago jack threw up twice but it was watery and there was hair balls in it so i figured he just threw up a hair ball... now two days later we woke up and jack threw up cat food alllll over the place.. as i was cleaning it up he threw up again.. so later "about an hour" he threw up again.. so all together he threw up about six times this morning.. i got on the phone right away with the vet and he said that he probably just ate something like a bug or what ever.. he told me to watch him and keep an eye on him.. so jack laid in the same spot all day never moved.. no food, no water, no bathroom.. until about 11 at night he started to walk around and wound up throughing up but it was watery and bubbly.. im guessing cause he didnt eat or drink today.. it was to late at night to call the vet and now jack is back to sleeping.. what can i do for him till we go to the vet..?? how can i tell if he has a fever..?? and does anyone know what is causing it..?? eating bugs..?? wiskey our other cat is perfe
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IMO you need to taken him to the ER Vet - do you have one close to you? If you call the vet's office, there should be a message with the emergence info. IMO this is most definitely an emergency. They will hydrate him with a SubQ, give him something for nausea, and maybe try to force feed him... But please do whatever you can to get him to the ER vet - things can go downhill very quickly with these types of situations...
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Our vet has a recording for after hours that tells you a number to call for emergencies. I would call and see what the message says at your vets office.

The most critical thing is keeping him from getting dehydrated and to keep his liver from Hepatic Lipidosis. ( happens when they don't eat)

I hope you can find your vet or an emergency after hours clinic.
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I would go to th er vet.
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So here's the update on Jack.. We had a house call for the vet and he came over yesterday and gave him a shot to settle his stomach to stop him from throwing up.. This morning we woke up and Jack was dry heaving but not throwing up.. We rushed him to the vet as soon as it opened this morning.. He has not ate or drank for three days now.. So anyways the vet gave him x rays and blood work, he also hydrated him with fluids.. The c Ray came back showing that there is nothing lodged in him he didn't swallow any thing but his intestines are swollen.. The blood work came back as normal but a very high normal white cell count.. The vet said that it is because he is fighting something off.. So we brought Jack home and he curled up in a corner of the kitchen and has been laying there for about three hours and not moving.. So just a little bit ago he went to get up and went to the other side of the kitchen and threw up water allllll over the place.. We got on the phone with the vet imediatly and he just came here for another house vist.. He gave him another shot to settle his stomach and the vomiting and a different shot for vitamins.. We are so worried for our kitty someone please let me know if there is anything left that we can do or ask..!!!!!!!!!! Very worried..!!!!!!!
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