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Vibes for Tilly

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I am in need of some TCS Vibes for my little kitty Tilly (shes the little white one in my sig) I took her and moo to the vet today. (their yearly exam and shots) and the vet noticed that she lost alot of weight from last year and is down to only 5 pounds!!! I mean Tilly was always small but even that is too light for a cat of her size and age. The vet commented that she was too light and asked if she was eating...and she a HORSE....she will eat anything that isn't nailed down and will eat two cans of cat food, and entire bowl of dry food and she helps herself to whatever my DH is eating and she still is losing weight...and I always make sure her food dishes are full and moo isn't eating her share becaues I keep his full too and he always defers to her when eating and will let her eat his portion too. AND she eats my blankets she pulls out the fibers and eats them.

ANYWAY the vet felt around her throat and discovered that her thryoid was enlarged and ordered a full thryoid panel for her but said that is REALLY rare to have a cat this young with a thyroid problem. Aside from losing weight she is healthy, active and looks just as cute as ever.

I am asking for vibes that the thryoid test comes back postivie for a problem. BECAUSE if there is a problem then the vet said her issue can be solved easily with medication. If it comes back negative then the vet said he isn't sure what is wrong and will need to do a full blood work and gi work up on her. HE also said that if it comes back negative then he will call in a specialist to figure out what is wrong.

I hope this isn't anything serious and I'm really worried because a. I love the little furball, b. moo loves the little furball. C. she is only 2 years old.

So please any good vibes for my kitty will be appreciated!!
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Special on the way for Ms. Tilly and for you.
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many many many vibes for you Tilly
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on the way for Miss Tilly
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Oh no! I hope that whatever is wrong with Tilly can be treated!
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Did the vet call you back with any of Tilly's results yet?

Hope all goes well!
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Get well soon Miss Tilly!!!!
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Many vibes for Tilly
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Of course I'm sending healing vibes for your sweetie. We'll keep our fingers crossed that it is something that can be fixed or at least regulated.
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Mega vibes for Tilly
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Originally Posted by sillyitiliangrl View Post
Did the vet call you back with any of Tilly's results yet?

Hope all goes well!
First of all THANK YOU EVERYONE for the vibes for my little Tilly Bean. Sadly, I still haven't heard from the vet. I know they are closed today and the Vet said they wouldn't get any blood work back until tuesday. so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good news.

I was watching her stalk moo this morning and I was thinking how awful it would be without her.
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