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Image Shack users!!

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The photo hosting site Image Shack got hacked. Images are getting compromised. Basically they are replacing your images with one image saying that they hacked the site. (Well, at least it's better than some of the alternatives). No idea if they will be able to replace your photos or not. One would think a service like that would have backups, but who knows. Good reminder not to rely on these sites to be a backup of your photos, or to hold your photos without the originals on your hard drive or other disks.

BTW, this is the message that is being pushed all around the internet by this group who hacked into Image Shack, if you want to read it. Basically, they want to stop Full Disclosure of all known vulnerabilities by the companies that make money off of offering protection from these attacks. Never made much sense to me to give the script-kiddies full access to these either, but I'm not the one who makes money off it either.

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I noticed that today in Kara's signature.

The ISP I pay for monthly provides me with a free photo web, hosting account. I should use that instead of PB.
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That sucks b/c I switched to Image Shack b/c Photobucket increases the size of my signatures when I upload them, and I can't figure out why. Image Shack doesn't do that. *grumble* Now I don't know what I'm going to do.
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