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1 more kitten question

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oops!! forgot to include this in my last thread and I was wondering. Sasha is kind of a skitzo cat, and tends to lunge at you to scratch and bite sometimes. she gets a little aggressive with her kittens, and i was wondering if they will turn out like their mommy? we give them lots of love, and play and cuddle them constantly, but I am afraid we will end up with 3 crazy cats instead of just 1!
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I have worked in a shelter so long that I don't think that the mother's personality is any indication of how the kitten will turn out other than if the mother is feral, she teaches her young the same way unless humans can get to them in time. You are doing the right thing as far as giving them lots of love. They will be okay. Also, if she ever is lunging and biting you, the best thing to do is say something very sternly like "NO" and then walk off an ignore her. She will get the message. You can even try the time out thing that is posted about on other boards. Anyway, best of luck!
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I agree - mom cats are no indication of how their kids will be. My parents have nine cats. Six of them are blood relatives - a mom and her five kitties. My parents took them all in when the kitties were about two weeks old. They also took in mommy, who was feral. She was somewhat aggressive with her babies. (actually, they were sometimes annoying to her as they got older). All five kittens (who are now almost two)are super sweet. Human interaction is the key. My parents are very gentle people. Now Shadow (the mom) is doing better. When she stopped worrying about her survival she shaped right up. Just employ gentle discipline if anyone gets too mean. They are so young, I'm sure they'll all turn out nice. Good luck!
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