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Nutrisystem anyone?

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I was wondering if anyone here has tried Nutrisystem? I really need to lose some weight, and I think that diet might fit everything I need... I do eat mostly frozen food anyways, so I am used to that. The cost would also be roughly the same - $300 for the month, including 3 meals plus desserts and snacks.
I also love that there is a big diversity, and the food is delivered to your door.
Has anyone here tried it? How did you like it?
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Hated it! HATE! First of all, they don't guarantee that whatever you order will actually be in stock, so they reserve the right to "substitute". And when I say "substitute", I mean they "send you the junk nobody ordered". The food tasted awful to me. It's a sad state of affairs when the tastiest thing they had was a freeze-dried burger that you reconstitute by pouring hot water over it. I'm not kidding. I followed it to a "T", and didn't lose one pound...not one...and I never cheated.

One of my coworkers liked it, though, so I guess you never can tell.
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I tried some of the food and it taste bad.
The dry food tatste like cardboard.
I only took a few bites it was so bad.
I got to Jenny Craig but do not get much food there because I am allergic to so many things and its expensive.
I have lost 25 pounds so far.
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You know something. Those plans don't teach you how to eat. All they do is provide you with the food and if you don't keep buying their food, you gain all of the weight back.

Go out and buy a book called "What Have You Got to Lose" by Jenny Craig.

She gives you a meal plan for 2 weeks. She tells you want to have for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks in the morning, afternoon and at night.

She also includes 2 weekly shopping lists with everything you need to buy for that 1 week.

And she has the recipes of what you are going to eat under those 2 weekly meal plans in the back of the book.

The foods are easy to cook. Most take less than 30 minutes, and they're delicious. Things like orange chicken, shrimp creole, beef stirfry, poached salmon with veggies, stuffed pasta shells, lamb chops, lemon chicken, tacos and a whole bunch more. Plus she has other recipe books out if you want to try other recipes. But i love the ones in this book so much that I just keep recycling them between week 1 and week 2.

For each week there are a few things you make in advance and freeze. For example: French toast, yogurt pancakes, muffins, granola, stuffed pasta shells. All you need to do when your meal plan calls for one of those is to grab it from the freezer.

The other recipes are pretty much cook 4 portions and freeze 3 for future dates.

It's healthy. The foods are excellent. You see for yourself what goes into it, so it's teaching you to cook healthy. Plus it's portion control, which shows you how to portion out your own meals.

Is it cheaper than NutriSystem? Yes. But you have to spend time actually shopping and preparing food and freezing food. But it's so worth it.
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I hardly ever get the food at JC and it has worked out well.
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I made me sick. Intestinally. Can't do the "shakes" thing. Really - When I put my mind to it, weight watchers works the best, but you have to write everything down! That is my downfall... partly anyway.
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I have heard that about Nutrisystem as well. I have a coworker that has lost a lot of weight. She said it's because her food tastes so bad, she starves herself.

I really need to do something, too. I was going to sign up with Nutrisystem this weekend, because I was desperate to just do something. I am extremely busy and I have found the premeasured portions that are already prepared is what I need. I had success with Seattle Sutton which isn't available in very many areas. It was excellent but pricey. Unfortunately, the local office closed and I didn't have the willpower, so my weight went back up. I tried the WW books but if I am give a specific amount of "points" per day, it's going to be pure carbs and I'm going to convince myself that it's perfectly fine because I'm within my allotted points. Maybe I will give the Jenny Craig book a try.

I just need someone to give me a motivation pill to make me want to stick to it. I know about portion control, etc. I just don't seem to care Eating is what I do when I'm stressed.
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I tried Nutrisystem, the ONLY thing I liked or could actually stomach was the pizza, and that was pushing it too I am very picky about food though
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I say learn to eat for life - talk to a dietitian or nutritionist, eat more fruits and veggies, watch your portions. Common sense stuff with a bit of exercise mixed in. Cheap and very healthy for your body mentally and physically, little changes can lead to big rewards. The library is full of books to help
I recently talked to someone who liked this book, I haven't read it yet though
Here is a good one
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I bought 2 things at Costco yesterday.

High Fiber Hoodia - 32 oz. bottle about $20. You drink 2 tbsp (about a shot glass) twice a day. Has lots of anti-oxidents, fiber and is supposed to make you lose weight.

Slimquick - this is 28 packets of powder you mix in a 16 oz. bottle of water - pink lemonade flavor. You drink this 30-60 min. before meals. Contains 5 g protein and 5 g fiber. Tastes good! This is also supposed to make you feel full and eat less. - About $30.

I just drank a bottle of the Slimquick. It tasted good, and is making me feel full. I'll let you know how it works. I need to lose about 40 lbs.

ETA: I am also diabetic. The Slimquick contains less than 1 g sugar and 40 calories a serving. Because of diabetes, I need to get my blood sugar down from current 190 fasting.

I've also learned from diabetes counselling that you need to add some protein to carbs. So if you eat bread or pasta, you must include some form of protein so it will even out blood sugar highs and lows, and make you feel full for longer.
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I agree with what others have been saying. Instead of spending $300 on food you have no clue where it comes from or whats in it, and takes horrible, take that $300 and spend it on some cookbooks/nutrition books groceries and some light exercise equipment! That way you will be able to eat right on your own and be able to create your own healthy recipes! And you wont have to depend on some company to decide what you need to eat and when!
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I tried it years ago and although I lost some weight I put it on again very quickly because I hadn't changed any habits. A friend of mine was a NS counsellor and during her training she was asked 'what is the most important thing you have to do?' Everyone came up with things involving empathy, knowledge, etc, and they were all told - NO! SELL THE FOOD!!
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