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We've been adopted!!!

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The two beautiful white cats I posted in this thread have been adopted. They've been in the shelter since February and were both getting really stressed with all the kittens that keep coming through. The local paper ran a big article about them yesterday, and when I went in to the shelter this morning I was greeted with the news that they had been adopted together an hour earlier.
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That is awesome!! I've been following your posts about Milo and Jax and am just tickled pink that they got a home together!
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Thats GREAT news, What sweet boys
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Awww that's fantastic!
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What wonderful news
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What great news!!! I'm so happy for those beautiful, sweet kitties.
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Those 2 are just stunning!! I'm so glad that they found a home together!!

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I don't understand how these 2 stunning boys could be left in the shelter for months.

I am so glad they both were adopted, and together too

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Oh that is FABULOUS news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's strange how things work out. Milo and Jax were at the shelter for over four months without anyone showing even a little interest in them. Since they were adopted last week, two more people have come in wanting to adopt them. Of course, they each wanted only one cat. I'm really happy the boys got to go together.
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Nice job for finding a home for those cats...
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