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Anyone know what this could be?

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Hey guys. I have a question for you all. I know that nobody here is a doctor, but I was wondering if anyone might recognize this. I just came back from Wildwood, New Jersey yesterday afternoon. The whole time I was there I didn't get any bug bites that I noticed. So last night, my bf and I slept in his parents' bed because it is more comfortable than ours. I woke up COVERED in bumps that itch like crazy. I thought maybe they were mosquito bites, because I had the windows of the bedroom open and there isn't screens in them. But my bf has nothing, and says that the bumps don't look like bug bites. I've had my MMr vaccine when I was still in high school, so I don't think it is the measles or mumps, and I know the bumps are not Chicken Pox, I've had those when I was younger and it looks nothing like Pox. I still looked up symptoms of measles and mumps online and I don't have a fever or sore throat like it says is one of the symptoms of both. I have a slight irritation in my throat and slight discomfort in my lungs when I breathe. The only thing that is clearly wrong is these HORRIBLE HUGE BUMPS that ITCH LIKE CRAZY. They are everywhere, except for my face, but there is some on the underneath of my chin and neck. They're on my legs, my arms, chest, back, feet. I'd call my doctor but its late and I know the office isn't open. I don't want to go to the hospital for something so stupid. Some of these bumps are grouped together in clusters, like on my forearm. They aren't open sores, they resemble mosquito bites, but my bf said they don't look like bites to him. Plus, he was sleeping in the same bed with me and he doesn't have any bites at all. If they were mosquitos, I'd assume he would have some bites too.

Does anyone have any possible ideas of what this could be?
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When I was a kid, we had chigger bites, and it kinda sounds like what I remember. Not sure if it could be the same thing, hope whatever it is you get rid of them soon!!
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It sounds like hives, or urticaria. I used to break out in hives wherever my skin was rubbed by clothing (waist band of pants, cuffs and collar of shirts) in the summer; especially when I was too warm. I must have outgrown it, because it hasn't happened since childhood. Mine only lasted a day or two, and I would be back to normal. Once in a while, it would get bad enough that my doctor would put me on a steroid taper (Medrol dose pack, if I remember was years ago, lol!), but usually it went away without treatment.

You might get some relief from oral Benedryl or Benedryl lotion. If it lasts longer than a day or two, you should probably go to an urgent care. Also, if you start to have any respiratory symptoms, such as facial, oral or neck swelling...go immediately to an E.R., as that could be a life threatening allergic reaction.

Here's a link about urticaria:
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Have you tried taking benedryl? If you were together the whole time, maybe you are having an allergic reaction to something in the parents' sheets?

But if your tongue or throat begins to swell up, you should really see a doctor right away!
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To me it sounds like an allergic reaction. The bumps sound like hives and the discomfort in your lungs sound like it might be serious. Does your throat feel swollen? Is it getting worse? IMO, if it is getting worse, you should consider going to the emergency room because you might be having a serious allergic reaction to something.

Keep in mind that I am not a doctor.
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I thought of the possibility of hives, but I have never had hives before, and I've never been allergic to anything either. His mom uses the same laundry soap and fabric softner that I use, so I'm not sure if that is the cause. I haven't eaten anything unusual or done anything unusual that I don't normally do, but, I will go to the store next to my house and buy some Benadryl and see if that helps. I didn't start the day with a sore throat, in fact, I just noticed an irritation in my throat and funny feeling in my lungs like two hours ago while I was at work. I left work early because I was itching so bad, and I work with food so its really not good to be scratching my body and all that. I already mentioned the hospital thing to my boyfriend, if my sore throat gets worse or breathing gets harder I will ask him to take me. Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming cuz I want to rule out any possibility.

ETA: Bfs mom also has Cortizone 10 cream which I will use, hopefully it will give me some relief even if this isn't a reaction or hives.
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The throat and lung issues are really scary. Whatever this is, if it causes serious swelling in your throat, you could find yourself suddenly unable to breathe. I think you should go to an emergency room, just to be safe.
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SOOO.. My boyfriend's mom came home, and his cousin is here too, and they both think that it could be poison ivy. Before we came to that conclusion, I went to CVS and bought some Aveeno oatmeal bath and took a hot bath with it. I also bought Cortizone 10 with cooling relief. I put that on all over, and the itching is a little better. I don't understand how I could have gotten poison ivy though. I don't really ever come into contact with plants except for the house plants. I thought about it a little bit though, and while I was in Wildwood, I had to walk past a flower bush. I had to literally squeeze by it and I'm thinking that maybe it had some poison ivy in it? Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that it isn't anything serious. If it doesn't get better I am going to call my doctor and try to get an appointment.
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