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This Just Made My Day!

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The other day while at the grocery store I saw a new product that intrigued me (though I was skeptical) The new Easy-Off Heat-Activated Microwave Wipes, so I bought a box.

I just used one of these wipes in the Microwave and they make cleaning spill ups a breeze! I had made Mike some homemade karmal korn and the mixture spilled over and made a mess. But I popped one of these in there and the spill was gone in minutes!

Thumbs up to this product for sure!
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I've never heard of this product before, but it sounds like it can do miracles! If it can clean up Karmel Korn stuff, than it can handle just about anything!
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I'll have to buy some, I always hate cleaning the nuke machine!
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i'm going to have to try it!
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Thanks for the heads up on this new item, we will have to pick some up!
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Sounds like a GREAT thingy. Will look for them in the big W for certin. Anything to get rid of that job.
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LOL dtolle- good label for the microwave - nuke machine- or maybe the nuke box?
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I saw those, but was skeptical and didnt know if they would work, I will give them a try then!
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I have been interested in this product but my local stores don't sell it yet. I'm glad to hear it works so well!
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I heard about this product on tv! Its great this actually works!!
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How does it work? You just nuke it??
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Cool, we'll have to try those.

Another good new product is the Dawn Power Dissolver. Earl had broiled ribs, and he didn't think that you needed to put water in the bottom part of the broiling pan. To top it off, he also thinks the oven is where you story the dirty pans and I forgot to look and reheated the pan to 450. We got the Power Dissolver, he sprayed it on and within a minute you could see it working. He had the broiler spotless with little elbow grease involved.
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It comes in a sealed package and you just pop it in the microwave like the popcorn it says this side up type of thing. As it *cooks* it pops open and cleaning steam is released inside your oven as well as the cloth becoming nice and toasty warm. Then you wipe up your mess after carefully removing the cloth from the rest of the package
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Sounds pretty handy. Thanks for the tip.
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I like those things alot, the downside to them is they leave some sort of icky thing that if you heat water for tea in the nuker after cleaning it, the water tastes like the cleaning stuff! GROSS! fortunately it only lasts a few hours then it isn't so bad.
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I clean the microwaves at work all the time (messy job, believe me!!! Especially when no one puts a paper over anything!) And I have found that what works wonderful is putting a styrofoam bowl/cup (b/c we don't have actual bowls/cups) with hot water in the microwave for 2 minutes uncovered. Then when the microwave is done, just wipe it all off, and it's brand new again! No funny aftertaste either, jugen! lol It's safe, non-toxic, and doesn't have any funky smell either! Just a cheaper alternative!
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Where did you get the Dawn Dissolver from? I've been looking all over for it and can't find it anywhere. I have some major food cooked/burned into my drip pans on the stove and its driving me nuts!
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I need to buy some then...Sounds great for messes cuz I have lots of theose for sure in my house with 4 kids here.
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