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So nervous, two spays and a neuter on Monday

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The time has finally come and Monday the pregnant momma I took in Ginger will be getting spayed, as well as two of her babies, the one we kept and the only male who lives right next door.

I have only dealt with a neuter and I'm very nervous for them all to go--the neighbor is taking them all for me and picking them as she is off work for the week and I just started a new job and can't take time off. They go Monday morning and we pick them up Tuesday morning.

The babies will be 12 weeks old on Monday and at their last vet check at 9 weeks weighed alittle over 2 lbs.

Poor momma calls constantly and is miserable, I'll be so happy to end her calling and allow her freedom. Sadly nobody has contacted me to adopt her and thus she will remain an outdoor cat here with us. Hopefully all will go well with that.

Help calm my fears about the spays...

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My Cleo was 3.1 pounds when she was spayed before I got her and everything was fine.
She was around 3.5 months then.
Sasha had a lapo spay last feb and was fine also.
They came home the same day.
I do have pictures I can show you if it will make you feel better.
You can really see cleos scar still but she is a sphynx.
I hope everything goes well.
I think we all get scared.
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Calming for you
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Calming vibes for you, health vibes for the kitties
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Lots of vibes coming your way from me and Jake as well
I know exactly how you feel, I was very nervous when I took Jake in to be altered and no matter how routine and safe it's considered I was still worrying like crazy!!
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Lots of calming vibes that way
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Thanks for the vibes everyone--I'm sure everything will be fine, just anxious. I'll update Tuesday when they are home

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Vibes for smooth surgeries and recoveries for all 3 kitties! Good for you for getting them all altered.
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Good luck tomorrow!!! Many many vibes for the kitties!
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Thanks for all the vibes--the house is very quiet!!

Well I haven't heard any different so I guess things went well. I'll try and update when I get home for lunch tomorrow to check on the girls, but no later than dinner time I'll update on how things went. My morning was much better when I received an email from someone who adopted another of the kittens with updated pictures!! I'll share those tomorrow as well!!

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I wish I lived closer that I way I could adopt Ginger. Are there any Petsmart adoption fairs in your area that you register her with ? Another alternative would be find a shelter to take her in.
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Right now a shelter is almost a death sentence for an adult cat
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My neighbor brought the girls homes about 9 AM this morning and I just got home on my lunch break to check on them. Ginger has never looked more at ease!!! She just wants lovins, her incision looks good--after work I'll try and let her out on the porch for alittle love--she hasnt been out on the porch in 6 weeks.

Pepper looks great too, she was very happy to see meowmy!! She meowed and scarfed down a bowl of food. Her incision looks good to. She is very cuddly and obviously happy to be home.

Pepper couldn't get her rabies shot because she was too young and Ginger didnt get her distemper because of a mix up in paperwork--I think my neighbors kitten got one, which will be his 3rd which isn't a big deal. But now I have to get Ginger to the vet again so she can start having some freedom from caged life. So I guess I'll be buying my extra carriers way sooner than planned and taking all kitties to the shot clinc at our vet this weekend. Both our boys were due for rabies anyway.

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I'm glad that Ginger and Pepper are doing well. In my earlier post I meant to type a no kill shelter. There are some no kill shelters that do take in adult cats.
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