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dragging towels from basement a prize?

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I have a Japanese short hair, very vocal, great white hunter, but no mice or birds so he drags the laundry upstairs and howls about it until I tell him he is a good boy, then he is quiet,
Unfortunately this is at night of course, why do they do this? Because he can't go outside and hunt?
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He may well be showing you what a mighty hunter he is! One of our kitties does this with her litty furry mice. But yes, cats are by nature nocturnal animals.

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So funny! My beloved Pandi did this with my socks! I could never leave socks out! She would take one in her mouth, drag it while stepping on it with her hind feet, and growl or give a dominant low howl! Most of the time it was in the middle of the night as well. I say cats will be cats, so he has this one quirk, it could be worse! He is actually bringing you a gift and that's why he brings upstairsa to you and once you acknowledge him he settles down.
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It's so funny to see that someone else's cat does this!!!

Every morning, I wash my face with a cloth, and toss the wet cloth down the laundry shoot. Within a minute or so, Maggie comes trotting up the basement stairs, with the wet cloth in her mouth, and drops it at my feet. Then she looks up at me and trills. Sometimes, she'll do this three or more times in a row, with the same wet cloth! She's never brought up anything else from the laundry basket...never socks or even a dry's always the one I just throw down.
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If there were mice and birds, he would be dropping them on you while you sleep, be glad it's just laundry!
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That is way cool! I kind of wish my Allie would do these things but maybe it`s a blessing that she does`nt? As a late-in-life cat person all of these uniquely feline behaviors are just so dang exotic and fascinating to me. What a newbie,huh? :P

She did bring her one toy into bed with us the other night--thought that was darling. lol
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Be very thankful it is towels Sabastian loves to bring me cocroaches we have very big ones here and once a very unlucky mouse he caught in the kitchen nothing in the world better than wakening up at 2 or 3 in the morning to find the cat on the bed with a mouth full of wiggly legs yuk yuk yuk yuk some times less love would be nice
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rofl...I am like you hosman. I think it's cute...sorry OP. Max better be bringing me some laundry soon
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Awww, that is sweet.
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My Molly does this with a swiffer duster. She drags around the swiffer duster with the feather part in her mouth with the stick dragging after her, the stick bumping into the walls as she goes by. While meowing very mournfully. My other cats follow her to see what she's going to do with it. Its a very comical scene.
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Did you say you have a Japanese short hair?

I have a Japanese street kitty I adopted who loves to play fetch. She will on occasion bring me her toys. I find her very interactive. She can play by herself but much prefers interactive play with her person (me!). She is not vocal but what I would call "conversational". She likes to talk to you when she has something to say and has a whole repetoire of sounds she uses to express herself.

If you read up on Japanese bobtails (which are derived from Japanese cats) they list these characteristics.

Maybe your cat is brigning you laundry to get your attention or try to initiate some sort of play time?
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Vladamir is always bringing home stuff and draging it in the house. We only let him out during the day. One afternoon I heard this thump thump and went the the slidding door (which we leave open for the cats) and he is draging in a hand broom. Have no idea were he got it but he was very proud of himself.
And I agree be thankful its just towels this time of year both Rhapsody and Vladamir bring in their share to provide with us, right now its birds. Did you know that birds play dead, and its terribly funny when you hear birds going crazy and see your cat running for its life being chased by momma and papa birds.
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My cat Lola does this too! She brings up towels, socks, paint brushes, and pretty much anything she can drag up the stairs. One time she brought up a pair of my panties and dropped them down proudly on the living room floor when we had company over. That was pretty embarrassing.
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My Sweetie had stolen a makeup brush about 3in. long from a dresser and brings it into my bedroom making a series of meow's until I acknowledge her. She also carries it all over the house. I think she thinks its her kitten.
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