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Daily Thread: TGIF July 10

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Well, its shaping up to be a warm and humid one..... thunderstorms tommorrow.

Not much to do today...tidy up before hubby gets home, maybe run some errands later...

Have a great Friday everyone
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Good Morning Everyone!
Well, it's my first morning here in Chicago waiting for our conference to start. I have a bit of a free day, so I think I'll do some wandering and sight-see a bit on my own today (my boss has a session).

I'm also hoping to get a chance to check out the hotel (apparently it has a pool and fitness club) since I strongly suspect I'll never again be able to afford a hotel like this unless work is paying for it.

I ahve no idea what the weather will be here so off to find a non-ontario weather report.

Have a good day everyone
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Morning All!!!

Sunny here as well and very humid.

Downloaded I.E. 8 this morning onto my computer and now I am just trying to get it to work properly.
Not sure whether I am going to keep it or not it seem quite buggy.

Other then that not up to much today. Have a couple errands to run after lunch but nothing at all exciting.
However there is a great concert at the community center tonight....Hits of the 70's and 80"s which are my favorites. I don't have tickets but the community center is directly across the river from my house so I will be able to listen anyway.

The kitties are lazy this morning and are all in their favorite spots napping.

Everyone have a super day
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I just woke up. I have to walk to work today which I am not looking forward to because its warm out today.

8 more days until my wedding. I don't have another day off until Thursday, which is the day of our rehearsal.
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Good Morning. So happy it's Friday. Just got into work and they stuck me in the computer lab with the kids so I jumped on the cat site to see what was shakin. Hopefully I'll get to see Bruno later on tonight with my friend. It should be stupid funny. It's lookin to be yet another 112 degree day today which makes driving a non air conditioned car such a joy
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