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Introducing.... Morris!!!

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He's precious!!!
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OMG! He is adorable!!
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Looks like something has been working on that chair! LOL Surely not that angel kitty?
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OMG! he's soo cute!!
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awwww what a cutie!!!
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AAWWW!!!! I want to nibble his baby kitty ears!
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What a cutie! Your poor chair though..
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Actually that's my sofa, Oreo is responsible for that
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He looks like the dental cat!
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He is a cutie! Love those orange kittens!
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I think I'm in What a cutie!
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What a cutie!! Such a precious little face!
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Sweeeeeeeeeet Baby!!
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What an adorable little guy! Give him kisses from me!
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What a handsome little guy! :
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What a cutie pie!

Oreo sounds fiesty.
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Oreo is a 4 yr old cat who thinks he's still a kitten LOL
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He's beautiful. Especially those fluffy ears
Is Morris a Maine Coone or a Norwegian Forest Cat?
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