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6 Months tomorrow and not as cuddly...whats up?

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Hi, I want to thank you all for the advice while my kitten was growing up, helped a lot.

Ill get you up to speed. Our kitty has been healthy and is now 6 months old, we got him nurtured about a month ago. We moved into a new apartment out of a house after the nurturing. Our new place is much, much, smaller, no stairs to run around on and halls to gallop down, and most of all no deck (we used to let him out on the deck, he loved to catch flies).

Anyways before he used to hop up on our laps and cuddle, lately he tends to mind his own business, he likes to be around us but he will go on the spare couch or lay under the coffee table. He sleeps more then often so we thought he might be a little depressed? I am now working from home so I am home with him all day, and I try to play with him a few times a day.

Any reason he is not as affectionate as he used to be? Even if you pick him up and put him on your lap he usually jumps away which he never used to do, its like he does not like to be held, only when hes super tired he will stay on your lap but even then just for a while.

Is it just because hes a teenager?!

Sorry for the long read...looking forward to your replies.

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It's normal. Like people, cats develop their own personality. I raised 4 orphan kittens, giving them the same tlc, but now at 3 years of age, they have varied degrees of cuddliness.
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This is the coming of age ...age.I would also suggest creating personal space that encourages physical activity for him to help keep him active and entertained. Window perches have always been a fixture in every home of mine. It's a carpeted shelf in the window with a carpeted ramp leading to it. I live in a small, 1 bedroom apartment and Maia has designated high perches, the top of my armoire, a jumping perch similar to a step ladder leading to it........And of course, most important is lots of interactive play!
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I have noticed through the years that my cats tend to be more cuddly during the winter months. Maybe it's too warm?
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I just miss him cuddling.

He gets SUPER hyper at night so maybe the heat is part of it.

We has a few spots he likes to go, his bed is in our closet and he goes in there sometimes but like I said he follows you around like a puppy and likes to be by you. When im in the kitchen i have a towel on top of the fridge for him to sit/lay up there since he loves it.
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