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Why does she do this?

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One of my girls, Khi, tends to poop OUTside of the litter box. She can go potty just fine in the litter box. But when it comes to pooping she very seldom does it in the litter box, its mostly outside of it, on the floor that I constantly clean!

And when she does use the litter box to poo, she never covers it up.

Whats going on?

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How many boxes do you have? It could be that she likes to pee in one and poop in another. One of my cats doesn't cover. I just live with it and scoop it when I see it.
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I agree with stephanietx. You need another box and I also have a cat who does not bury her poop in the litter box.
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Another possibility: She might not like that litter - what litter are you using?
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Agree with all of the above. Many cats don't like to poop where they pee, and if they are sharing litter boxes, chances are this is a challenge! Maia is an only kitty, and she has a definite litter pattern, one side is pooping, the other side is pee. It is so important to keep it clean and scooped as well!
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So sorry you are still having problems with pooping outside the box. Is it the same cat as before that was not using the litter box?

What have you tried since the last time?

Are you still feeding canned food? They need it more than one time a day as cats do not do well going for long periods without food.

Is she constipated and maybe associating the box with painful bowel movements? Canned food often would help this and maybe ask the vet if adding a little plain canned pumpkin.

Is the litter box scooped a couple of times a day? Is the litter box washed clean and new litter on a regular basis?

How many litter boxes do you have and are they spread out? It is recommended that you need one per cat plus one. You would need 4 boxes.

Have you tried the suggestions listed in the sticky above? These are from a very experienced person.

Let us know what you have done since Feb and if anything has changed. That way maybe everyone can help you with more suggestions to try.

Hang in there!
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I am using two litter boxes. One has a a little door and the other is just an open litter box.

Jellow and Lilly have no problems using the litter box, Khi just doesn't like to poo in the litter boxes. I think she just likes giving me the work out!!

I was just curious if I was doing something wrong.

Thanks everyone .
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Oh and far as which Litter i use, Tidy litter the 24/7 performance .I've used it since I've had them .
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The "rule" is to have one more litterbox than you have cats, so I'd get a third box. Also, she may not like a covered box which might be contributing to the situation.

Are you using an enzymatic cleaner to remove the odor of the poop from the fibers of the carpet? (I'm assuming you have carpet.) If you're not, then you need to. This helps erase the urge to go in a familiar smelling place.

Something else to consider, she might prefer her litter scooped more frequently and/or her box cleaned and litter changed out more frequently.

My older kitty has stress induced fecal incontinence. When she gets extremely stressed or nervous, if things are in chaos in the home, then she starts pooping inappropriately in various places in the house. This happened when we first moved into this house. We started using Feliway diffusers and it really helped. We also cleaned the carpets with Nature's Miracle enzymatic cleaner.
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