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New job!!

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Way back in May I posted about a case manager job I interviewed for. I had two more interviews after that for the job and honestly the process had taken 6 weeks and I had sort of given up--they finally called two weeks ago to offer me the job!

I started on Monday as a case manager for the elderly. Its been a long week of training but as of today at 5 all 125 of my clients are officially in my name and my work is going to begin.

I have never been a case manager before but I'm excited to really get into the job. I've been going along on home visits this week and really enjoyed it!

Hubby and I are now pursuing buying a house!!

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Congratulations!!!!!!! Absolutely Awesome!
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Oh thats great news!
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Congrats on the good news!..
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That's so good to hear. Congrats on the job.
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Congratulations! That's fabulous! You sound SO excited!

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Wow that is fantastic news, Congrats, Congrats, Congrats, on the new position.....
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