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HELP! Sick Cat..very odd behaviour..

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I have only had my cat (Marlowe) 6 months, and I am new to cat ownership, so I would be grateful for some wise words from someone with more experience.

Marlowe is normally lively, but when I came home today he didn't come to greet me, he just sat still. I then served up his dinner, and he still didn't move (he normally runs straight to it).

He walked a little, and his back legs were wobbly. He looked a little drunk! He then just stood there and didn't sit down. I now have him next to me, but he is twitching and is really cold. He even let me touch his stomach which is a sign he must be ill!

My boyfriend gave him worming tablets this morning, so I was worried that was it. He hasn't gone outside, so hasn't fallen, and I don't think he has eaten anything bad. He hasn't vommtted either.

What should I do? He wasn't like this this morning, but I am not sure if he got ill during the day because I only got home a few hours ago.

Grateful for help!

Amanda (and a very poorly Marlowe).
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If it were me, I'd find the package with the worming tablets right now, and call your vet, the ER vet, or poison control immediately - have the ingredients handy, just in case they want to know exactly what was administered. I'd rather be safe than sorry, if it turns out this is a serious reaction to the meds, or to something else.

Can you tell if he's pee'd or poo'd since you were gone? But, in any event, I'd call for vet help right now. Best wishes, and hope it's nothing too serious.
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Cats don't change behavior suddenly for no reason. I would take him to the vet immediately. Take the package of worming medicine with you to show to the vet.
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Thanks for the advice. Interesting that it may be an allergic reaction, it may explain the twitching.

I don't think he has used his litter tray at all today.
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