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OK so we rescue a kitten from hurricane Rita years back and my husband couldnt get her to come out for a couple of weeks finally they trap her and bring her home and she came straight to me my husband kept saying she was feral but she wasnt. We have evacuated a few more times and she did not like being outside in a kennel. Anywho she is an indoor cat and while bringing groceries in one day she ventured out. We could not find her but she came home several days later, pregnant. We went out of town for the 4th and my son stayed with her in case she had her kittens while we were gone. I guesstimated that she was gonna have 4, from experience with my chihuahuas, well when we got home late Sunday night she went into her kennel and I could tell she was in labor so we waited and she had one (1)and thinking it could be up to 24 hours to finish we took turns sitting with her, well that was all she had I thought she was finished she showed no signs of distress or and discomfort so wefigured she was only having one, well we went to some friends yeaterday(Wednesday) and when we got home she had another, but she was too agressive with the placcenta and it didnt make it and we waited again but she didnt have any more and then this afternoon (Thursday) and she had another. How common is this because I thought once they started to deliver that they would finish within 24 hours. Thanks for any info. Sonshein
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If she was bred by different toms and several days passed between breedings, then the kittens can be delayed. Usually this can cause a problem as some kittens will be "older" then others and could cause complications either by being born too soon and dying or being delayed and born late (could be dead before born at the proper time).

I do hope this cat is now INSIDE and confined to one room with the kittens. If not, she WILL get pregnant again within a few weeks of delivering. She needs to be spayed when the kittens are 8 weeks old and you need to keep the kits for 10-12 weeks before rehoming them.
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I agree with GoldenKittys advices.

As to your question, about delivery days inbetween.

This is not so unusual. The kittens are in different sacks, thus it is entirely possible.
It is even possible they have two different litters, who are delivered several weeks inbetween. This is NOT common, but not very unique either.

So the usual in such cases as yours is what you did. If you suspect there may be more kittens. You do of course closely observe, having a vet handy, but if the mother seems calm and contended, "minding her own business", it is not necessary to rush to the vet.
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