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Vet recommends Karo (corn) Syrup?

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Hi all,
My Mom has a 7 year old Exotic Shorthair named Boy. Recently she took Boy to the vets for vomiting, extreme watery bowl movements, and lack of eating/drinking. Vet said temp was high-normal and gave her a pepto type medicine to give him (3cc's) 4 times a day. Boy has been drinking water now but, far as Mom knows, not eating. She called the vet and he told her to give him a full (3cc) syringe of Karo every few hours. I, personally, do not feel comfortable with that advice. This same vet told me to give kittens (3 weeks old) karo several times a day and all of them ended up with a sugar crash. Some never fully recovered from it, either.

Any advice? She seems to trust this vet.

Edit to add: He told her to give the karo to stimulate his appetite and to keep his electrolites up.
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As far as I know, Karo has no electrolytes.
It's pure corn syrup, it will give him a calorie boost if he is not eating though.
And it could stimulate his appetite if the reason for his not eating is that he is too weak.
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When a cat doesnt eat, their sugar levels drop and that cause lack of appetite. The syrup is a remedy used to raise the sugar levels and in return hopefully increase the appetite, but I have never heard of it being given as ongoing support. I have always heard that you give a small amount on the gums to help stimulate the appetite not use it as a feeding tool and I wouldnt feed him that as his food.

Pedialyte ups the electrolytes.

If your cat is not eating, he definitely needs to.

Here is am excellent post explaining.
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Everything Pami posted is what I have learned through the years.

It is also my understanding if they get too much Karo syrup it can cause diarrhea. Boy already has that problem.

Hoping he improves soon.
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Thank you.

I had her ask the vet about using Pedialyte instead. She explained that she was not comfortable with giving karo to Boy. The assitant admitted that in some cats it can cause sugar crashes like a diabetic and that using Pedialyte was probably safer. She also told Mom they recommend karo as it serves as a meal replacement?

Anyway, Boy only eats dry food. He's never ate canned or table scraps. He's the only cat I've ever met that will walk away from tuna!!
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Well if your Mom needs to force feed him, meat baby food is a good option. When Jordan has been sick, that is what I use. Most cats I know love baby food. You just have to make sure it's the kind that is just meat, no onions.
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An update: Boy is finally eating. He took some dry food last night for Mom. I told her to continue with the Ped until she can call the vet Monday.

Thanks everyone!!
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