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Just checking in...

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I have three wonderful cats - all over 8 years old, by the way, but that just means they have developed their own marvelous personalities. Some of them, however, have unusual behavior, - not problem, but unusual - and I'd like to know which forum would I most likely get my questions answered? TIA,

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If you have questions about your cats' behavior, check out the Behavior Forum (about half-way down the main page). You will also find a Health and Nutrition Forum and a Care and Grooming Forum for health and cat care questions.

Don't worry...if you post in the wrong forum, we will move your post to the forum it belongs.

Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the site! I've decided that there is no such thing as a "normal cat." Figment of the imagination.

Like Renae said, the best place would be in the Behavior Forum. It's not just for problems. Many times we just confirm that our cats aren't completely nuts by sharing stories. LOL
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Just stopping in to say hello Welcome to the boards
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I like to hang out in the cat lounge a lot, but when I have those questions that seem unusual or to just get reassurence from cat lovers just like me I go to the behavior forum. Welcome!!
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Welcome to the board!!! Glad to see you made it here
Have fun!!

Greetings SimbaMom
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Just wanted to welcome you to the board! Glad you could join us.
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Welcome mlm300m !!! glad to have you aboard!
you will soon find out how very addictive this place can be...
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Welcome to the site! One of my cats is very catlike and the other is what my friends call a "cartooncat" because he acts like cats in cartoons. Although I have heard of cats more neurotic than their owners.
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Welcome to the friendliest place on the net! Glad you're here and look forward to getting to hearing more soon! And maybe see some pictures? My name is Tammie and my kitty is Peaches. I've written a lot about her on a few other posts today so I won't repeat myself! This place IS addictive. In fact I have to get off this computer! Haven't done a thing this morning and I'm feeling a little guilty (and hugry since it's 2:00 P.M. here)!!

Tammie & Peaches
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welcome here! Yes, cats can be so different in their charakter! People without own cats will never believe it, but its real. There are complex personalities (some cats more than some human people ).
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