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Wedding Photos

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Pillow (my russian blue) Behave quite well for the photo shoot. A little wide-eyed and nervous, but the pictures turned out excellent~!! Thought I'd share with you all.

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I love those photos!! Congratulations on your marriage
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oh my gosh.....

Beautiful, just beautiful pics.

Congrats to you and your husband.

Pillow is gorgeous...... so sweet of you to include him
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What beautiful pictures you have! Thanks for sharing those. I've never seen wedding photos that included a kitty!! Such a great idea.
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That is SO SWEET you included Pillow in your wedding pics

what beautiful pics I love your hair and your dress
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Wow. You are a stunning bride; your groom is very handsome; Pillow is gorgeous! Those are lovely, lovely pictures.

P.S. My parents live in Taipei!
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Wow! Thanks for sharing, you are gorgeous! Pillow makes for a very handsome boy as well! What a great idea to put your kitty in your wedding photos.
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Gorgeous pictures! You both look wonderful! And I love how you included your baby Pillow in your wedding photos.
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Those are so precious of the 3 of you It's so lovely that you've included Pillow in your special day

Congratulations to you both, you both look gorgeous!!
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Gorgeous pics Best Wishes to you both
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Congrats on your wedding. Beautiful pictures and love the idea of including your cat in the pictures.
Best wishes to the happy couple.
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you and the cat look beautiful
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Lovely piccies... oh, and the bride and groom look good, too!

Congrats on your big day and how sweet to include the cat!
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You are a gorgeous bride.
I love the fact that you included Pillow in your wedding portraits.
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Wow! Wow! Wow!

First of all, you made a BEAUTIFUL bride, love the dress!

Your groom is totally handsome!

Including your kitty was an awesome idea!

The three of you are gorgeous!

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Wow - what a BEAUTIFUL family!!!! You are stunning! Your husband is very handsome, and Pillow is gorgeous! We can tell you are a true cat lover!!
Congrats on your wedding!!!
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Thank you so much for sharing these pics!

They are stunning - definitely something I want to do.
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hehe... umm... I'm the groom... but thanks for the compliments. I'm so glad he's part of our memory.
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Forgive us, you know that 9 out of every 10 crazy cat people are women

Still, beautiful pictures, gorgeous bride (awesome dress!).
You three look very cute and happy
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Oops! Sorry about that. I made the same assumption that everyone else did. Correction: You are a very handsome groom, and your bride is simply stunning. Pillow in gorgeous, and those are great pictures! Best wishes.
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Beautiful! You two make a gorgeous couple, and Pillow is stunning, of course. Congratulations, and best wishes for your future together!
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Ops! Sorry... So yes, corrections.... You are very handsome, your bride is stunning, and your kitty is very lucky to have both of you! You are a beautiful family!
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