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Best food for syringe feeding?

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There is an older cat right now at the cat shelter i work at that hasn't eaten for a few weeks besides for what I will feed him with a syringe. He has been only getting some SD wet or kmr. I especially wonder why KMR since this cat is fourteen years old.

When Clover wasn't eating (one of my cats) i would either syringe feed her egg yolks or high quality canned, like natural balance. This has always worked really well for me, and the cats gain wieght on it. Should i ask if i can feed them an egg yolk instead of kmr today? They are to me much easier because even if you feed it through a syringe, it just slides down.

What have you used before? What is really the best food to give a cat that won't eat?

Just to say, the cats owner died in a car accident and the cat is to depressed to eat.
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Great that the poor baby has you to give him a chance. Sad what happened to his family.

Good idea to use KMR. There is a meal replacement for cats and dogs that is liquid called CliniCare. Maybe ask the vet about it. The other thought would be Hills canned a/d.

Hang in there ! Hoping he improves soon.
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When I was tube feeding Chase, I used Wellness Grain-Free cans. They actually worked out to have more calories than the A/D the vet started him on. I just had to add a little water and blend it. You might not have to do that for syringe feeding though, since you're not working with a tiny little tube.
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Riley got A/D when he was being syringe fed, but you have to get it from the vet. I'm sure there are other things out there that would work just as well. He got it because it was high calorie food and was soft enough to go in the syringe, even after refrigeration.
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When Jordan needs to be syringe fed, I use Chicken Baby food. It's easy to use, especially if you add just a little bit of water. It's not ideal, but if it's short term it's enough to keep their organs funtioning. Heck one time that was all Jordan would eat for 2 weeks. The vet said anything was better than nothing. His coat looked terrible, but it kept him going.
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I used to have to syringe feed my Jakey (RIP) frequently. SD A/D is really good but as mentioned, you need a prescription. IAMS canned patte is good because there are no chunks in it. Friskies is not good for syringe feeding because even if you blend it up more it pushes hard through the syringe. Nutro canned and Max Cat are ok to push. The one that I used the most was EVO canned. I'd blend it with a little bit of water or cat milk and it pushed through the syringe very well.
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