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Question of the Day: Thurs. July 9

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You know that saying, you are only as old as you feel?

Well, how old do you feel today? (how old are you if you care to share that.... if not, thats fine too). How "old" do you feel normally? Did you have an birthday (age) that was important to you or scared you?

See below for example (sorry if my wording stinks)

I feel about 85 today LOL. (physically that is)
Got outta bed, my joints are stiff, minor headache, and a very high pain day.

All health issues aside, I normally feel my age ( 32 ) or younger. I act slightly younger when it comes to silly stuff like ohhh walking past my husband and "releasing some wind" (psst its called a walk by tooting)

I was horrified of turning 30.... It was just that number. I never felt classed as an "adult" in my teens or twenties... But 30 just screamed "adult" and no fun to me..... My fear was for nothing
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Today I do feel older then I actually am. My shoulders are quite stiff, as is my neck, and hands. This makes me pick up things slowly and I have to concentrate on what I am doing because I do drop things when my hands are sore. Maybe mid 80's as well.

Mentally I always feel younger then I am I have always had a silly sense of humour, loved cartoons, and am around people who are at least 20 years my junior.

I will be 50 in March....getting older really doesn't bother me per say I simply look at it as just a number.
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Not motivated to move just yet, so who knows, usually I feel about 30-ish, though I am fighting off a bout of bronchitis so that makes me feel older.

I'll be 41 at the end of the summer
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I turned 58 yesterday. And no,I don't feel my age. I have various aches and pains (doesn't everybody)? but I feel younger than 58.
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I'm 31 and usually I feel a little younger, like mid-twenties, I still really can't believe I'm 31 After my shift on Sunday at the restaurant I work at part-time, I feel ancient, my back hurts, my feet hurt and I have a head ache.... I really need to quit there
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It depends on the day. When I wake up with my neck hurting and my shoulder aching I feel much older than the 25 that I am.
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Some days I feel as if I inhabit the body of an old, old woman. The rest of me, tho, is years younger than my actual age.
Today the aches and pains have got me down, but I can handle it.
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I turned 50 in May, but today I feel at least twice that...
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I'm with you feeling 85 today. Most days I am old and creaky. Some just old.
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Today I feel at least 5 years younger than I am.

I went to the airport this morning with my boss to fly out to our conference and I swear, no matter how old I get and what I wear, I always end up feeling like a college student at an airport. The best carryon I've ever found is a backpack I used while finishing my degree and and end up grabbing a hoddie because inevitably you're at the airport early and it's once again I end up standing around thinking...OMG Five years of professional career and I still feel like I'm a student when it comes to airports.

Sorry if this makes no sense - my brain is not adjusting too well to the time change and it's been a long day.
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I normally feel younger then my 52 yrs but today I feel 82! I have a bad cold and I am going through "the change" and the hormonal changes are driving me crazy!!!! For example, I didn't have my monthly "visitor" for almost a year. I am thinking that it is finally over! Then in May, it came roaring back. Didn't show last month but today it is making a slight appearance. It is driving me bonkers!!!!
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I feel alot younger than I am...probably because I am still immature in alot of ways. Working on them though...
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