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Our Furbaby is up at 4:00 a.m.!!!!

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Will we ever sleep again!!!!

Help! My 9-month old Siberian Mountain Cat (soooo beautiful) is keeping us awake at night. This is something that started about a month ago when my husband and I went away for the weekend. He has always been an overly loving kitty but since we came back, he jumps up onto the bed (mind you, he's 9 pounds at 9 months so he's heavy) and either purrs in our faces, touches our faces with his paws, nudges us, brings toys into the bed (God knows where he's coming up with some of these things), scratches the bed posts, scratches the doors, jumps on our dresser, gets into the laundry basket in the bedroom closet, etc., etc.,... anything that he can do to wake us up. And this all goes on about 4:00 in the morning until one of us gets out of bed. I've tried everything. I've tried tiring him out before we go to bed. Sacha fetches, so I throw his scrunchy toy to him for a full hour - he fetches it and brings it back - until he is exhausted. I've tried feeding him different foods, giving him something to eat before bedtime, grooming him, etc. Any suggestions would be great. My husband is thinking of putting him in the basement at night - I love his cuddles, just not so early.
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Max used to do this too. What I started doing is pushing him down into a laying position and saying no (gently). Pet him to relax and pretty soon he is sleeping too. It took quite a few times, but now Max sleeps through the night.

I still play with him (not right before he go to bed, because he seems to be stimulated by play) but an hour before bed. He also goes to his food before he settles down for bedtime. He prefers to sleep with something in his tummy.
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This is a fairly common problem. Please click here and click here too for lots of ideas on stopping this behavior.

Good luck!
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Can you post a pic of this cat??
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Close your doors at night while you all sleep..this is how it solved our problem with Rocky and Fluffy...we had to do that for at least a month and every once in a while we have to shut the door, but usually they don't bother anyone,,they just play in the living room or sleep at the end of our bed...
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If the cat sits at the door and cries, park the vaccum cleaner outside the bedroom door-just don't stumble across it in the middle of the night!
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Thank all of you for your great suggestions. We have been laying him down at the bottom of our bed and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I found that on the days that I'm home from work, he is much better. But now, if he's not waking us up he's scratching on my 3 year-old's door, trying to wake her up. Funny cat.

I'm going to try to shut the door and put the vaccuum cleaner against it. That's may work. If we just shut the door, he scratches it and bangs his body against it.

Thanks again.

p.s. I will try and get a photo attached of Sacha. He is a beautiful Seal Point Lynx - Siberian Mountain Cat. BIG BOY!!
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