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Daily Thread: Thurs. July 9

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Morning folks.

Sleep did not find me well last night.... my own doing though, I was reading a book I couldn't put down till I was done

Sunny and cool here today.

As per the normal, I have physio and I'm going to the bank.

Bank's are a pain in the rear. I finally got around to changing my name on some of my id to my husbands (only took 2yrs) so my cheques are coming under my new name...hubby generally deposits them. Bank won't let him. So I go in, with all my id (which required a lot of hoop jumping to get) and they still wouldn't change my name

I have to bring in the marriage certificate What a pain in my bum. So i might try to do that today since my cheque came in yesterday.

Thats bout it.

Have a good day folks.
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Morning All!!

Sunny but a little cool here as well. Hopefully it will get warmer as the day goes on, it is sure nice to see the sun though.

Have a few errands to run after lunch, drugstore, grocery store, pet store and maybe the post-office if it's not to crowded.

Tonight will just be the usual round of TV and computer. I want to try and get to sleep a little earlier tonight. I seem to not be able to sleep past 6 A.M. anymore so I guess the only way to get a bit of extra sleep is go to bed earlier.

The kitties just had some treats and are having a group bath on the couch right now.

Everyone have a good day
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Morning. Last night was a restless night. Figures that DS sleeps until 5am for a feeding too. The kitties were totally confused on why they couldn't go in mom's room. Cello cried on and off through the night. Connor had to have sprayed something cause he was upset too. I know Cello was just looking for food but Connor misses his mom.

Princess ate last night and hopefully this morning. I am waiting to hear back from the vet.

It's a beautiful day again. It's actually kind of cool with the breeze.

I am going to try and clean mom's rug and organize the book case.

Enjoy your day.
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