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Mom's taking me to dinner tonight

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It is an early B/day present from her, and she is also taking me Friday afternoon to get a pedicure...I have never had a pedicure either and I am severely ticklish on my feet...I hope I can stand it!
By the way, my birthday is Saturday!!
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Happy early birthday!! I'm sure you will do just fine. Just let the person who is working on your feet know you are very ticklish!
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Happy early Birthday Kathy! I hope you have a great day and a good time with your Mom tonight. My birthday was last Sunday.
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I am VERY ticklish on the feet. I only had a pedicure once. But I had to skip one part.. the part where they brush the bottom of your feet with that thing I suggest you skip that part also or you will be kicking the pedicurist in the face
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Wait? Didn't you already have a birthday?

Have fun Kathy! I am sure you will
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I've always wanted to get a pedicure, but I too am very ticklish on my feet. It's so bad that then I wash my feet, it drives me crazy! Hope you have a great time at dinner and hope you enjoy that pedicure. You deserve it, girl!
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Have a great time! My feet are way too ticklish for a pedicure. I personally would trade that for a scalp massage any day!

Happy early birthday!
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ok, we went and ate at Lonestar..It was hmmm..."OK" I guess..
The plan was for just me and my mom to go....not my dad,,I do not like going to restaraunts with my dad..he always embarrases me and whoever else is with him......here is what happened,,,
First of all, this is suppose to be my birthday dinner, and they told me to order whatever I wanted...well, we got the bloomin onion for an appitizer ok, well first of all, our waiter was new there so he took longer with stuff..I wasn't in any hurry so it didn't matter to me....well, what they usually do at that restaurant is give you your appetizer, then salad and a loaf of bread to munch on until your dinner gets there....well, our bloomin onion still wasn't out and our waiter had brought us the salad and bread first....even after 10 more minutes it still wasn't out...well, my dad had waved down some other waiter who wasn't waiting on our table and told him about us not getting our blooming onion....well, I was still laid back about it, and didn't bother me...after my dad had explained that we never got our bloomin onion, the manager came up to our table and had apologized to us for it taking so long and that he was a new worker there.....he even offered to give the bloomin onion for free!!!!! MY dad said "we" didn't want it after all!!!! I DID, but he shooed off the manager teling him we didnt want it without even bothering if either me or my mom wanted any??? He was such a butthead!!!!! He is always doing stuff like this at restaraunts and I swear I will never eat at one with him again!!!!! I didnt let it ruin my night though, but I still wanted my bloomin onion
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