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Annie learns to share

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Annie and Trent are friends. They play and they snuggle, sometimes. (sorry about the quality, these are from my phone)

Proof (get ready with the AAAAAWWWW!):

Annie and Ginger are partners in crime, usually. They play, they chase, they beat on each other as only sisters can.

BUT the cat tree? That's not a place to share. That's a place to be Queen of the World!

Well, until this week, apparently. Little Miss Annie must be growing up. She's learning to share.

First, I came home and found Trent and Annie snuggling on the cat-bird seat on top of the tree:

Then, just two days later, I came home to my calico girls sharing the cat tree.

I'm just so proud of my Itty Bitty Baby Girl...they grow up so fast!
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awwww they look so sweet. I'm glad they are getting along so good
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Awwwww thats so sweet. I love the pic of the Calico Queens side by side
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That's really sweet! You have beautiful cats
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Gorgeous! All of them. Good for you, Annie. It's not so bad to share, right?
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I notice the girls are in the same pose! I think they realize that there is room for 2 Queen's on that Castle!
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Oh Heidi, doesn't it make you so happy to seem them getting along like that?

Yes - lots of "AAAWWWwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!"s.

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Awww!!! Annie's such a sweet girl
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Very sweet!
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Thanks everyone! I think she's pretty special too, but I'm a little biased.

I about fell over when I saw Annie and Ginger sharing - both of them are notorious for trying to kick off whoever is in that spot (usually each other or Trent).
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