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Health Diary

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Does anyone here keep a Health Diary?
I have a little diary for the kitties, where I write everything new, from food, to flea meds, to behavior changes, supplements, etc.
I started doing this to find out what Bugsy was allergic to, and it naturally progressed to be a diary for all the changes.
It was super helpful on my last visit to the vet, as It made very easy to go back and look for everything that I needed to talk to him about it...
So, am I paranoid, or there are others here that have a kitty health diary?
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I use to kept three actually : health , food and medicine or herb changes for each animal.. Thankfully now I know who is allergic to what and who gets what and doses are all steady so no need at present( )
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I just keep a book of vet visits, symptoms, what was diagnosed, meds/doseage, shots, temp, weight, what vet, vets comments. It's on the bill, but it's easier to have all the cats records in one book, in order by date. Also helps with knowing what to look out for in the future, since some health problems can be repetative.

I also have a list (in the same book) with all of the phone numbers and addresses to several local vets, and numbers for after hours and the e-vet. I also keep these numbers in my purse at all times, so I will be prepared if a animal in need crosses my path & needs a vet asap.

I have another book that I tape cat food labels in. It's not terribly effective though, as formuals constantly change. But it is good for knowing what foods have worked for me/cats.

And now, I have started saving the bar codes/SKU/formula batch # off of the lables of foods I use, for every one, except cans. I started this after my cats consumed 1 & 3/4 of sixteen pound bags that were recalled by Nutro. Now if there is anymore recalls I will be able to know for sure if my cats have consumed any of it. I am so paranoid that my cats are going to ingest more recalled food. I am not really worried about the wet food, right now their wet is Friskies urinary, and if that is recalled I would know right away since Walmart puts notices up when pet food is recalled.
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This is a really good idea, I should have one for my cats too
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My Vet has an online site. In one of their sections on the home page, they have a Porthole that if you want to join it for free, you just register your cats name and they populate it with his medical history. Reminders of appointments, refill your prescriptions from there. Its great for someone like my Patch he has a heart problem, plus UTI's, and Staph infections. They have a list of all the prescriptions he has had. I love it.
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These are all such good ideas. I do keep all their vet records in a file, and now keep a steno pad to note any changes in eating, peeing, or pooing, but I love some of the thoughts here. It really does help in talking to the vet to have a record of what you've noticed.
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