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2 New babies

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Well, we somehow have ended up with two new kittens both males. Is there anything I need to watch out for food wise with males versus the female? I have Snuffles on wet food of different types. Usually Wellness or Authority or Propac. Any suggestions? Thanks
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Congrats on the new additions to your family. I have more males than females. Many like to avoid the real fish heavy foods. Only a problem if you have a cat that is susceptible to UTIs.

For the first year variety may help keep you from having a picky eater. Some of mine are picky despite my efforts.

Canned food is always better containing more water and I believe easier to digest for those that inhale their food. Wellness brand has a kitten canned food and I believe their other canned is an "all life stage" food.

So, IMO...canned variety of flavors/brands and limit fish to a few times a week.
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thanks so much for the info. I guess I'll just keep on with the variety. I may have to mix in some cheap foods on occaision. But will mainly try to keep with premium foods.
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I second the mixing varieties to prevent finicky eaters bit. Since Aya has been able and willing to eat dry I take a big tub and mix up the better brands of what is available here together so she never gets stuck on one kind. Now that she's 8mos old I'm mixing kitten with adult dry. I usually mix SD Nature's Best/RC kitten/Purina One. And she seems happy and healthy. Since the mixture changes gradually I never get upset tummies from switching rapidly. Once a month we eat to the bottom of the bin and clean it out. Next batch will be all adult I think...

We don't have as much choice in wet food here or I'd do the same; most Japanese stuff is just fish junk packed in water or gelatin.
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