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Well, we can finally start planting flowers here in the frozen tundra. Temperatures at night are now in the 40's so the flowers will not freeze. Just bought two hanging plants on Sunday, but it was raining so hard that I just couldn't shop for the plants that I line my walkways with. I think I want to so something different this year. I also want to buy an arch for the front of the main walkway. I need something that I can easily take down for the winter and store in the basement or garage. I just love planting. Some of my plants are starting to come up. I noticed that my Bleeding Heart is in full bloom.

I just have a small yard. That's what I went shopping for when I bought my house because of my RA (Rhumatoid Athritis), but I love to work in the small garden that I do have. You any of you garden?
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This is the first time I live in a house, so I finally have a garden in my backyard. I am the worst gardener on this planet, so luckily the previous owners of this house planted perennials!

I have no idea what these flowers are, but I'll post some pictures later so you can take a look. I'm such a gardening newbie.

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That sounds so neat! Make sure and take some pictures too when the bloom...
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Just post the pictures of your flowers and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to tell you what kind they are. I have always loved gardening. My mother had a green thumb and we had vegetable gardens and flowers gardens. She grew up on a farm, so she was a natural.

You might want to buy some annuals and plant them around your house. I love to line my walkways so you walk down a garden path to my house. The house is being sided this summer a pale yellow with white accents. My brother-in-law is making me two window boxes. One for my picture window and one for my kitchen window. I going to plant pink geraniums with vinka (spell) vines in the window boxes.
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I love gardening too, although I admit to be very much a novice. We just moved into a big Victorian house in October of last year, so it was just like Christmas for me this spring, wondering what would come up in the yard

So far we have Daffodils, Lily of the Valley, lots of lilac and crab apple trees, and huge poppies. My hubby told me that he thought it was against the law to grow poppies because they derive Opium from them ? We also have a big rose bush by the deck and trailing roses that I've wrapped around the deck post. Oh, and Honeysuckle and Japanese Qunice too.

I planted some Marigolds, Alyssum, and Pansies in planters on my deck and front steps,and some Candy Tuft and Forget Me Nots along the side of the house. Now all thats left is the hanging basket of Begonias I'm going to get at the Garden Center.

I just LOVE doing yardwork. In fact I was out there for about 5 hours today mowing and clipping the hedges. I think I'm sunburned a bit. As I was mowing the last strip of the front yard, the wheel fell off my mower! Leave it to me....
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I am so jealous. I love victorian homes. Anything victorian. They call victorians "painted ladies" isn't that great! It sounds so beautiful. Post some pictures if you can.
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This is my third year with a small front yard and I love gardening. However I still have to figure out which plants are Bunny safe. I got most of them right this time around, but the ones I chose for the border seem to be this little cotton tail's morning buffet. He lucky that he is just soooo darn cute!
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I only help plant them whenever we buy seeds LOL..
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I'll try to post some pics when I get batteries for my digital cam- I've been putting that off for ages. I think the last time I changed them Gibbons was about 8 weeks old, now hes almost 8 months old

Be forewarned though- the house is being painted in a few months and is pretty harsh looking at the moment
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I'd never be disappointed in a victorian house. There is just something about them. I'm glad your painting her though. I would rather have an old home over a new home any day. The older homes have so much more character and charm.
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My house definitely has character. We've done a lot of fixing up and some minor renovations and while the reno always ended up being a huge job instead of a little one I wouldn't change a thing. The house has so many fascinating features of the times- a dresser built right into the bedroom wall, a fireplace in the master bedroom and the old claw foot tub is still here in the downstairs bathroom. Some of the wallpaper was pretty hideous, so we've redone all that, but I'm so happy with the 'country look' we ended up with. Its the house of my dreams

And with a huge flower/shrub filled yard, theres nothing lacking.
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I'm always searching the MLS for listing of historical houses in Nova can't beat those prices!! And the size of the house and property is amazing. If I ever win the lottery I'm moving to Nova Scotia and renovating one of those great homes.

Right now I'm renovating a century old schoolhouse. When we were looking for a house we saw many historical houses, but they were way out of our price range. The housing market in Toronto is way overpriced, and this 'little' schoolhouse fits our 'little' budget!

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I love gardening. I never was really into it until we bought our home 3 years ago. I have a pretty big yard, and a lot of plants, flowers, and shrubs. I find it relaxing, and I just love pulling into the driveway and seeing all the beautiful plants. It brightens my mood every time!
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I agree Daniela. I love to drive down my street and see my little house all decked out with flowers, bushes and hanging plants. When I lived in an apartment, I really missed gardening. Now that I have my own home, it is something I really look forward to every Spring. We can't start planting until June though, because we will still dip into the freezing temperatures at night.
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i love flowers and gardens. i can't wait till i have a house and can plant a real garden. for now, i have pots of flowers and some herbs. i'm growing basil, marjoram, parsley, oregano, orange mint for tea, and catnip for guess who. i also am experimenting with plumeria, i bought some bulbs at a flower show earlier this spring. they're also called frangipani, and are used in hawaiian leis. they smell heavenly.

nora, which part of the hand are you in? are you up north? i lived in southern michigan for 2 years, and i remember the awful weather. it's part of the reason for my return to pennsylvania.
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I'm not in the hand. I'm from the Upper Peninsula - Marquette area. On Lake Superior. I live 15 miles from the big lake. I know I'm prejudice, but the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has to be one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Many unspoiled locations with lots of lakes and forests. We have a huge tourist trade especially in the winter and summer. In the winter because we get a lot of snow and it is a snowmobiles and skiers haven. In the summer because of all our lakes and we don't get the humidity that other spots around the country get. Lots of fisherman and hunters make their way here.
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We've got the garden veggies in---again. We ended up buying plants because the seeds were just rotting in the ground due to all the RAIN,RAIN--GO AWAY!!!!

BUT hopefully the rain now will reap beautiful fruits later in the season....
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Nora, I wondered if you were a "crazy UPer" when you said the tundra. I'd love to visit that part of the state some day, but it would have to be in the summer, cause I know you get snow early and lots of it!
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Yep, we sure do get the snow. However, our road crews are the best. We have no trouble getting around. Our summers are absolutely beautiful. We rarely get hot temperatures. Usually our high in the summer is in the high 70's to low 80's and it cools down at night. I don't really care to travel in the summer, because it is just too hot in other states (even lower Michigan).
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Here are pictures of some perennials that the previous owner has planted. Besides the tulips and daffadils, I have no idea what is growing in my backyard!!

I am such a gardening newbie!

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I'm so bad! I love flowers and a lovely looking garden but I don't like gardening, so I might just have to cajole a friend or family member into planting some flowers along the path for me. LOL

I especially love Lavender. They had a big pathway at high school lined with masses of lavender and it was lovely.
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Russian Blue,

Here is the scoop on your flowers.

#1 is a picture of White Hycinth

#2 is a picture of Lavender Phlox

#3 is a picture of a spring bulb Tulip

#4 is a picture of Allium

If I help you with any other flower identification, let me know.

What is your first name?

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I hope to get to some more planting this weekend. The walkways have to be lined, so I've been going back and forth to decide what I want to plant. As it is facing the south side, fun sun plants only. Anyone have any ideas? I just don't want yellow, because the house will be yellow in July (it is being resided).
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I love to garden.

Nora, I sold my house a few months ago and when looking for a new one I wanted a small yard, I have Arthritis also. My other house had a huge yard so big it was fenced into two yards. Too much upkeep for me(lol)
I had to look long and hard but found a house that had just been remolded and landscaped, I have a mound in front that my driveway goes around and its filled with flowers and foliage, I did not know anything about gardening before, as the other yard was so large it was just lawn and trees. I am enjoying this little flower filled yard so much.

Happy planting.
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Neat, Nora!

My plants are everywhere, cos i scattered the seeds everywhere!! Teehee! i have little orange flowers and white lillies, oh, not forgeting herbs.

smiles and Cheers!
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