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Meet our new rescue! Kamie!!

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So long story short, we got a new kitten today! She is another rescue from my dads work, we now have 4 that he has rescued. He works at a waste water treatment plant and kittens/cats get dumped there all the time and tehre are wild dogs running loose out there. Anywho my Kamie was wandering around a few days ago adn today she somehow got in a sludge heating room and my dad caught her. SHe was starving and is underweight, but is a little sweetheart!! My dad is a true cat lover!! Most people would care less about a stray kitten and some workers out there have been known to taunt the wild dogs with them. Now we have 6 cats!. The other kitties are a little stand offish, but Kamie is the one doing the hissing!! So here is my Kamie! (what do you think of her name?)

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What an absolute cutie!
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She is pretty and thi she would do well if you decide to show in HHP.
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I think the kitty has moved right in
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Oh wow what pretty little Kamie. What a lucky little angel
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oooo, she's very pretty! Her markings seem pretty unique to me!
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She reminds me of a TCS kitty called Cammy so I think her name is very fitting!

She's a big girl too. Bless your Dad.
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Gorgeous girl. Your dad is a great guy for saving her and the other kittens. Boo on his coworkers, though (the ones taunting the wild dogs).
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Aww She's cute and already acting like the Princess
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she is soooo cute!!! A precious little torbie!! Looks similar to my Dusty when she was that age!
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Thanks everyone!! She is an absolute doll! She loves to rub up against you and snuggle. On the way home she just layed in my lap like a little angel. I might try adn show her when she is older, she loves people and seems to not be bothered by other animals too much, she ignores our cats until they touch her then she lets them know! I have been trying to give extra love to the other cats especially manny because this is his first time being introduced to a new kitten and he doesnt know what to do. She sure is a little adventerist!!
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Awww, she's gorgeous!
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She is beautiful. She does look awfully skinny though. That means it is great that she is with you and your family now!
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Thanks! I forgot how much engery kittens have!
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