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New, stray kitten help.

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Today we sorta got a new kitten. my dad called us this morning to a meow. So we went and picked her up from his work. He works at a waste water treatment plant and the kitten was seen roaming around a few days ago adn today she was found in a sludge heater room, so my dad caught her and well since it was just my luck that the dog pound guy (there is a pound right on the same premises as the treatment plant) wasnt there....I got to keep her! Ok to my question....lol. I am not sure how long she has been a stray, you can tell she has had contact with humans as she is very friendly but she is really really skinny. I thought she was only a month or two old.....she is more like 3-4 months! So I was wondering if at that age, what should I feed her to get the best nutrients? She needs a lot of nourishing as she is underweight. Thanks in advance!
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I would free feed either a high calorie kitten food or all stages food. If she's anything like my 11 week old kitten she'll be gaining weight like crazy. I'm amazed at the amount of food Pepper is able to consume!

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Great that your dad was able to get her. You will have her in good health in no time. I second what Jack31 says.

What I do is feed as good a premium, high calorie canned kitten or "all life stage" food very often and leave out a dry kitten food for munching in between canned feedings. You already use good brands. Best to you and your new baby!
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