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The Flu - I Has It!

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I came down with the flu yesterday: the aches, chills, pains and a 101 degree fever.
My boss is on vacation this week, so I had to go into work today and will have to the rest of the week. My fever's gone down, but it's been fluctuating all day (I brought my digital thermometer with me), but I have no appetite, although I should probably eat something.
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Lot's of feel better vibes coming your way

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oh yuck....nothing worse than a summertime flu

Hope you feel better soon
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Gary's got the flu. We're on day three, and it's finally a bit better. But to have to go into work?!?!?!? I'm so sorry!

this goes away and fast!

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lots of liquids! Take care
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When I got home last night, I had the chills so bad, my teeth were chattering! I got into some sweats, crawled under the quilt and slept for 10 hours. This morning I felt a little better; my fever's gone, but I still have no appetite. Hopefully it will be gone by the weekend. Thanks for all the kind thoughts & vibes!
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Sounds like you are getting a little better... Keep drinking lots and lots of water, vitamin C, some zinc, and chicken soup!!
get well soon!!
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Hope your back to yourself again soon! Take care!
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Today I feel worse than I have all week! I don't have a fever, but it seems like someone's kicked me around. TGIF so I can rest all weekend.
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