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The Call of The Swizzle Teaser.....

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Nakita's birthday present was the Swizzle Teaser from Petsmart. It's pretty good because you get the Swizzle Teaser, plus a removable 'spider' type pouch that holds catnip and can be switched out for other items.

Nakita tried to resist the allure of the Swizzle Teaser.........

But the 'kitten' in her couldn't resist and she attacked it with a vengence....

Oh look! A feline belly dancer!!

And finally she tired herself out and went into 'meatloafin' status!

Nakita gives the Swizzle Teaser two paws up!!

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LOL! The lose all dignity when they play!
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Aww how cute! I want to get one of those for Zoey
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Looks like she had a fantastic birthday! What great pics (again).
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Nakita could be their spokes-cat. Of course, then there would be a bidding war from all the companies because she would of course become the TOP model cat!

She sure looks like she had fun with that toy!
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Ohh that's cute!! she looks like she loved it!
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HOW CUTE!!! I expecially liked the belly dancer it was SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!
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HAHA I can see the spokesman talking now..

" Is your cat lazy, bored of everything? WELL we got something for you! The Sizzle Teaser! It can make and lazy bored feline into a belly dancing kitty! It makes them go wild!!

*Warning, humans not included.*

(to play with the kittys..)
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Great pics of the beautiful girl as always! Looks like mom picked a good birthday present!
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Aww! So cute! Looks like she loves her present! I want one for Luna now! Hehe . . .
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I want one for sissy and Princey!! LOL
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I have one of those for Spike... but we only have the feathered end. He likes it some days... others, he couldn't be bothered. Kind of like with every other toy he has.
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Nakita is just goregeous. We had one of those things for our cats. It didn't have anything that you could attach to it, and it was really long.

They went nuts over it, and played with it so much. Jake carried it with him everywhere he went and even slept with it!!! Once we started playing with them chaos would break out and they'd jump on top of eachother and collide with eachother trying to get to it first. They played with it soo much that it started getting shorter and shorter from where the end was being chewed/frayed off.

I ended up tossing it out because it was too short. After seeing this I think I'll have to go get another.

Btw, I'm convinced. Nakita couldn't get anymore stunning.
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I have one of these,Grayski loves it,so did the kittens!
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LOL--I loved the Swizzleteaser post. That was a great picture of Nakita ignoring the toy.
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I got one of them today for the boys to play with. They it
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How Neat! I haven't seen those particular ones in NZ but we have "Feathers", I think Nakita is a sweetie! and I love her belly dancing!!!

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