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Cuteness warning!! kittens are 4 weeks old, growing so fast!!

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Hello everyone:

Juliet's babies are 4 weeks old today and they are sooo cute and are growing so fast! THis is crazy! I'm soo in love with them. I have to say, I know female cats out there take great care of their babies, but after taking care of Juliet and her babies I just know is it not that easy for them, and they do need our help, to keep them clean and protected, I mean, they do need some help. Now I feel sad when i see the feral mommy cats caring for their babies with no help and no one to give them the food they need.

Since Juliet (the Mommy cat) was abandoned before she gave birth, she is thin and she was malnourished, so I decided to give the babies kitten formula to help them grow stonger and it has worked, they are all doing fantastic. very active and playful. Here are some pics:

Jake (he is the biggest baby, Super cute!!!)

Kate (adorable girl, but very loud when you hold her, hehe!)

Penny (my favorite because she is sooo sweet and loving, she loves it when I hold her and she already climbs on my lap when I sit on the floor).

Penny in the middle:

Charlie (the tiny boy, he is tiny, but don't let him fool you. he is the most active and playful of all, he already runs)

Mommy Juliet and the babies

I hope you all enjoyed!

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Oh my how beautiful Mom is! And those babies!!!! There are not words! I have to say that Jake looks like he is going to be trouble. He's got the devil in his eye & I love kitties like that!
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Wow. Just...Wow.

Forevermore, the definition of "cuteness" should just contain a link to this thread.
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Totally adooooorable! Nice job you and Mama are doing. Juliet is stunning, by the way.
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They are all soooo cute. Thank you so much for saving them

You and Momma are doing a great job.
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They are so cute!!
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What a beautiful kitty family.....
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Wow, what a cute family
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They are so gorgeous and all have very different, expressive faces.

Uber cute!
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x 20,000,000!

They are so adorable! Send Penny over here immediately!
Juliet is gorgeous too! I love them all!

Are you keeping any of them?
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What a gorgeous family!
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What a darling kitty family. Those are some gorgeous babies!
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Oh my god they're adorable! I love it when they hit this age, as around 3 - 5 weeks they are discovering they have paws. And man - do they ever use them!
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The kittens are so adorable. I can't take the cuteness! And their little cross-eyed momma is soooo pretty. I think I like little Kate's face the best, but they are all so cute. I would want to snuggle them all the time.
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Thank you all They are all so much fun! The only thing that concerns me is they are hungry all the time and they are having their formula and momma's milk, I tried giving them some kitten mixed with their formula, but they didn't want it, I guess they are not ready to eat solid food yet.
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What an adorable little family. Those babies are just too precious for words.
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