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My cat's acting strange.

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My cat Buster is acting very unlike himself recently. He started doing this last night, because he was fine earlier in the day. He has symptoms very much like Mingda from yesterday including difficulty walking, lethargic, and loss of strength. He has a strong appetite though (last night after the vet visit I saw him eating out of two food bowls at the same time), and he doesn't have any problem peeing. The vet didn't see anything wrong with his blood or urine either. He's normally a very energetic cat, even on the twitchy side, but now all he does is sit and stare blankly. I also noticed he's taken to circling as he walks, and always to the left. Please, someone help me. I can't begin to explain how much this animal means to me.
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something else I forgot. When he walks he tends to stumble over his front legs more than the back legs. My roommates and I, as well as the vet, felt him and could find any sore spots at all, no swelling or broken bones that we could find.
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I would have him looked at again, possibly x-rays done.
It could be stroke, or even heat stroke.

This has happened only once in my years of keeping cats and it was indeed a series of strokes. He did have a full recovery with no more than just making sure he didn't cause himself injury.

Keep us posted please and welcome to the cat site, though I am sorry for the circumstance that led you to us.
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How old is Buster? Did your vet take xrays?
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Oh, sorry. Buster's a tuxedo cat, 3 years old. I didn't have him xrayed but the doctor didn't suggest it either. I'd suggested maybe a stroke to my roommate but we assumed it'd affect his movement more than this. He seems to be moving around fine now, several hours later, and he looks as alert as ever, but he keeps looking and circling to the left. He won't walk straight for more than a few steps before he starts circling. He won't look to the right at all, and will only look straight ahead for a moment before he goes back to it.
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Does he still seem weak or lethargic?

Sounds like a possible head trauma or vision issue if he's no longer weak or lethargic.
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He doesn't seem weak or lethargic. He's pretty much snapped out of it, except for the circling, and is wondering around the house now. I'm gonna take him back to the vet to see about maybe an inner ear infection or something. I know he has ear mites. God I hope it's something that simple. He lets me pet his head though so I'm hoping to rule out head trauma.
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Ahh, he has earmites, I'm betting that's the problem, or a secondary infection because of them.
I'm actually surprised your vet didn't clean his ears and prescibe something for them, considering how serious it can get if left untreated.
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The vet even checked his ears. You think she would've noticed.
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There are too many things that could be wrong. Diabetic neuropathy/diabetes, kidney problems, trauma, stroke, etc....much more.

Try to think if there is anything he could have gotten into, cleaning products, dish soap, medication that may have fallen on the floor, antifreeze with outside cats, plants, etc.

Check his food. Was it a new bag or can, have the ingredients changed, etc.

I would think if an exam or check up was done and the vet swabbed the ears or looked in them with his scope.....earmites would likely be found IF that were the problem.

A fast trip to the vet is what I would do. Hope things get better.

edit: If Buster is acting like Mingda, please contact your vet. This is not a coincident.
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I don't think he's gotten into any chemicals. All of ours are sealed up in bottles, and besides, he was outside when this happened. The neighbors haven't had any antifreeze out either. Could be plants because it's been a few days and the symptoms have all cleared up, except the circling. Even that seems to be clearing up. I took Arlyn's advice and had him checked out for an ear infection. The vet didn't see anything wrong with his eardrums but it may be deep enough it wouldn't be visible from the surface, plus it might explain the shock to his vestibular system. I've got him on clavamox and prednisolone for now, and the vet's going to call back on Monday to follow up on him.
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So glad he is feeling better. They will lick antifreeze off of the ground from under a car/truck. A small amount is all it takes to make them sick. It tastes sweet and is very attractive to cats and dogs.

Hope all is well soon.
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