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Our little trooper fell out of his box early this morning. He woke me up crying, when I found him, I cuddled him and lay him back down. By 10:30am, my husband said that he wouldn't eat and was holding his head very odd. He gave the little guy chest cpr during the ride to the vet. Vet said that he had "head trauma", he gave the little one a steroid shot to help relieve the swelling. My husband brought him back home. I called home to check in at 11:45, little one breathing slowed and no amount of cpr could bring him back. He passed in my husband's hands at 11:53am.

This hurts so much!
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Oh I am so sorry for the loss of your little one.. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do to save them. I assume he was a young kitty, and his life was taken from him too soon. But, at least he was loved in that short time, and died in the arms of someone he loved.

This should really be in the Crossing the Bridge section.

R.I.P. Little Baby, Play happily over the Bridge! <33
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I am so sorry for you and your husband - at least he was loved in his short time here, and he was with a loved one when he passed.
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bless his little spirit
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The poor baby, i'm so sorry

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Rest in Peace Little One.
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My condolences. RIP, sweetie.
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I am so sorry this little one didn't make it. R.I.P. Trooper.
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Wow- what a traumatic way for a little one to go! At least you did everything in you and your husband's power to help him! It's always horrible when the babies leave too soon. Many heartfelt to you both at this terrible time.
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I am so sorry for your loss. What a tragic accident!!! I can only imagine what you and your husbnd went through. RIP little guy
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Thank you all so very much for the heartfelt words.

I honestly didn't realize until someone posted that "he was loved for his short time here". "lil trooper" was indeed loved and nurtured. He was only 18 days old and within that short time he bacame a part of our family; even Gabriel (5yr old male) was concerned about the lil guy. Gabe would look into lil bit's box to check up on him. Gabe would even plant himself on the shelf underneath the lil guy during our recent thunder storms.

How is it that this little bit planted himself so deeply within our hearts in such a short amount of time?

We buried him this evening along with his teddy bear. I'm planting a garden on top of his resting place. I can nurture him there and ensure that it will always bloom.

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Aww Bless him I'm so sorry It only takes seconds to fall in love with a cat
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My sincere condolences.
R.I.P lil Trooper
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Aw.. atleast he passed in the hands of someone who cared for him You did all you could do!
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Here are some pictures of our peewee.

Thank you everyone for your heartfelt words. You all are a great comfort.Attachment 13793

Attachment 13794

Attachment 13795
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so sorry to hear about Trooper - i remember you posting about him!
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I am so sorry for your loss,thats so sad. :R.I.P
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