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Symphony hates to be handled OUCH

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hay every one !!!

dear little Symphony doesn't like to be picked up infact she hates it. She starts flailing about claws out in a mad possesed way so I just don't pick her up very much. Of course there are times when she needs to be picked up. Like at the vets I needed to bring her out of the carrier and I got a nasty scratch on my hand. Then this morning she ran out of the door as I was heading out (and I don't want to leave her outside yet when I'm gone) and I got a very long scratch on my arm. I never posted before on this as I sort of accepted Symphony is just one of those cats that hates to be picked up. Shes a lovely girl and comes for cuddles and grabs my finger to give it a wash but oh how she hates to be picked up!! Any one else have a similiar problem? I don't think theres anything I can do about it tho, I guess I accept this is just the way she is so i guess I'm just rambling, but hay oochi my arm tho hmm
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Fluffy is like that. She will crawl all over us for cuddles and pets, but hates to be picked up. I am trying to get her over that by only picking her up off my lap, and sometimes she goes for it, but usually she scolds and hisses, or scratches. She has just recently allowed me to touch her tummy, and we rescued her 4 years ago. Good luck, if I get any good tips on this, I wil pass them on.
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I'm tickling my Symphys tummy now. Shes 5 months so I am sorta hoping she'll grow out of it. I can tickle her all over when she lyes next to me (which she is doing right now) and she purrrrs loudly. I just try and avoid picking her up as often as I can. lol I do always ask her politely, "Symphony darling would you please come down from the sink?" some times I gently prod her off the work tops with a soft pillow I don't want any hissy fits.


lol oh but I do love her
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Isaac isn't that bad, but he doesn't really care for being picked up either. I will say in the kitties deffense, imagine you were trying to walk to the store & some big giant reached down and move you to the other side of town. I always think it must be so scary & frustrating for them.
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