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Help; Urgent & Difficult Situation

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Hey guys, I just got a 2 month old kitten in the house and 4 or 5 days ago. He was super scared and skittish, and now he's a lot better but I still can't just catch him; it has to be when he's resting under the bed in the corner, or in the closet, or something. But he's already gotten plenty better.

However, I have to be gone for 5 days; the 13th through the 17th. Gahhh. I leave him in my room, with food and water and a litter box and toys (I'm getting some more today), away from my other cat and all other animals. My Daddy can tend to his litterbox and such, but will he be ok for 5 days without me?? I don't know what to do and I feel so badly =/
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Your new baby will be very frightened of all these new surroundings, smells, being away from his familiar surroundings and people. At 8 weeks old he'll probably be sad he can't find his mama. So you need to give him time to adjust. Amadeus and Symphony didn't really bother with me until a good few weeks since they came home. Nefertiti was different she was glued to my lap from day one !! (she is a clever girl she knows who got the kitten nibbles) lol. But all cats are unique indivduals.

Never approach a cat for attention always allow a cat to come to you. Cats are the sort of creatures that like to have control over what goes on around them and can feel distressed if things are imposed on them.

Its a shame your going away as your kitty does need to get used to you but hay some times it can't be helped how about you record your voice on a cassette and ask your pa to set it up in the room where the kitten is and have him play it through out the day, each day till you get home. Also I'd leave some old clothes of yours (not washed gotta smell of you!!) or perhaps a bed sheet of yours so he can get used to your smell and voice.

It sounds like this little guy is the kind that needs to be given attention gently and allowed to come round in his own time.

Congrats on your new baby by the way and good luck !!!!! Also meows to you from Amadeus Symphony and Nefertiti !!!
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Thank you so much for your reply, I feel much better!

Okay, I guess I'm getting impatient. I gave up approaching him, and last night he crawled on the bed with me and fell asleep at my feet while I was on the phone!!! Then I picked him up because I had to roll over and didn't want to kick him, and put him near my chest. He curled up right by my face and fell asleep.

I knowwww it's awful, I feel horrible, but I really do have to go. My room is where he stays and I will leave my pajamas out for him, and he has plenty of toys, and also the radio to keep him company. Thank you again!!!
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Only one other thing to add - be sure your Dad is extra careful when opening the door to the room - so your kitten doesn't get out the door and Dad cannot get him back in the room.
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You know I think that really must be one of the very best feelings in the world. When you have a timid baby who never comes to you and then one day, all of a sudden, your just minding your own business and then you feel the soft delicate touch of tiny paws. Then a tiny little head butt and then the paws start neeeding and a little purrr starts going. No wonder I got three cats Oh my it just is the best feeling. You are "chosen" !!
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GoldenKitty- The door has actually been left open on accident on a few occasions, and he has never escaped. Harley has come in and there has been no fuss. At the most he just hides in the closet and goes to sleep and she eats his food lol. But I will remind Daddy to be extra careful about shuttin the door, for sure.

RussianKitten- I agree! In fact, last night he (I finally named him Baxter ) was being a total pain in the butt, which is great haha!! He was chewing on every one of my body parts protruding from the covers including my knee, feet, hands and face lol. So I got his "Feline Flyer" and laser and played with him for half an hour, in hopes of wearing him out, but he never did get tired. Ha I'm just glad he's finally kinda coming out of his shell
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