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Winnipeg Beach (photos)

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well, winnipeg beach is around 45 minutes out of winnipeg so its nice and close to go and spend the day, relax and go for a dip in the water. We were there this past weekend on both saturday and sunday for a couple of hours each. We have never really spent that much time there its usually grand beach that we go to...but winnipeg beach was closer to where we were.

here's some shots that I took while there

apparently birds don't read signs

the rest of the photos are here:
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Wow very nice pictures. I really like the wonderful contrast between the sky and the water in the last one. Good Job
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Wow, that is so neat!

Our beach looks way different. There is alot more sand, and the trees are much further back. And the water is dark blueish.

I really like the walkways too, those are neat.

Great pics!!!
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Some fantastic photos. Your work is stunning.

I'd love to visit that beach too.
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Winnipeg beach is lovely! Your photos of it are great, too. I always like looking at your photos. I don't always comment, but I should, since I always look at them. Thanks for sharing!
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nice and fantastic cool Work my friend! is sooo great!
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