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I'm in a Pageant!

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This weekend, a holiday leading up to July 14th French National Day, I am taking part in a medieval pageant at our local chateau. The chateau has parts going back to the ninth century, and it has been taken over by a Trust who are excavating the earliest remains and have turned part of the grounds into a bird sanctuary. Every summer they hold some special events, tours and open days, and this pageant is part of their schedule. It is called 'The Revenge of Charlemagne' and is based on a true story about the Lord of the Manor back in very early times. My roles are not very demanding - in different scenes I play a basket weaver, a peasant and someone following a cart, but it is fun. We rehearsed last weekend and I got bitten to pieces by mosquitoes as I was wearing open toed sandals and short trousers, but in my full costume I think I will be better protected. Sadly we are not allowed to carry cameras or phones or any modern stuff so I wll not get pix.
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Oh thats too bad about the pics, but what fun thing to do and very interesting. Im sure you will have fun and do well.
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Cool! Maybe someone you know in the crowd cn take some pictures?
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As Wendy said, hopefully someone you know will take pictures. We would love to see them. It sounds like a lot of fun Jenny.
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At least see if you can get pics of you in your costume before you go one...we'd love to see! That sounds so cool!!
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Wow, sounds like great fun. I hope you have a blast
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That sounds like fun. I really like medieval history. I hope you have a good time!
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Oh that's so neat!! It really sounds like fun!
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sounds very interesting and nice!;
I hope you can bring us some photos!
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Jenny, how fun! Yes, do please take pictures before you go!

I can tell you love living in a place so filled with history. I love what the Trust has done with the Chateau - and that they keep the history alive!

Have a GREAT time (and hope you don't get more mosquito bitten!)

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That sounds like a lot of fun, Jenny. Do you have a link to the chateau?
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You are right, Tricia, I do love living in a historic place. But this is crazy. The only link I can find is in French, and is part of Wikipedia. Here it is, for those of you who can read French and want a rather dry account of hte history (without reference to the recent discoveries of earlier houses on the site. It is all mentioned in the guide and tourist books/sites but without pix. it is a shame, for it is a beatiful place. The old stables have been restored and made into a hotel and spa, and that has its own website. I will take some pix, if not this weekend then at some point and post them. ANd I think I may offer to make them an English web site!

Here is the link to the hotel site.
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It's beautiful! I found the English web site:
Do you have to make your own costumes?
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That sounds like great fun, Jenny. I hope you have a fine time.
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Tricia, that is the web site for the hotel in the newer part. The old Chateau Ganne is not shown and there are no pix posted. I will try and get some during hte dress rehearsal or on the archeological open day on Monday.
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Have Fun Jenny
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