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My Three :)

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I haven't been around for a bit. Came in to see some kitty pics - now I have to show some recent photos of my babies

Galahad is growing up - too fast! I have a few very rare shots here of the three of them; Sebastian, Daphne and Galahad.

I call Galahad ... Sir Galahad Fluffybuns (or Flufflypants or Fluffybutt )

Will try to get more of Daphne. She's a tough one to get anymore

Thanks for looking!
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Aww - looks like Gali has been accepted! If Daphne tolerates him, I would guess that's a victory, right?

He's gorgeous - he was a stunning kitten and growing into a stunning young man.
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Im glad to see Seb doing well!!

Those are great pics, Bonnie ....... little Fluffbutt sure is a handsome guy.
Its so unfair they dont stay babies long at all.
Daphne finally looks grown.
They are all beautiful
I am glad you are back
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Wow! Galahad has grown up so fast! It's great to see the three of them in the same shot.

They are all looking great. I love the pics of Sebastian and Galahad smooshed together sleeping.

Oh, and the one of Sebastian with the purple ring. It looks like he's winking and smiling in that one.
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Wow Bonnie!!! Galahad has grown into a gorgeous kitty! He is gorgeous!!
How's Seb doing lately? He looks good!!
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Thanks everyone

Sebastian is stable. He hovers arounf 11 lbs. Was 11.2 last Friday. He's still on the Prednisolone; one pill a day. Nothing else right now. Hope to be able to get his blood work done next paycheck so we can see what his levels are.

He is much better behaved at the vet. Still no love lost for vets on his side, but he's more tolerant. They treat him very carefully, just in case.

Daphne doesn't like Galahad, she does merely tolerate him. In the photos, you can tell who she is looking at Of course, Galahad is settling down a bit - losing some of the crazy kitteness.

I love my babies
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I love Seb's butt as a pillow. Looks like Galahad like his big brother!
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That can't be the same Daphne that stood on her head trying to get Seb to play?
I loved that picture.
Your little man though is a gorgeous bit of red fluff now and Seb's butt as a pillow must be comfy.
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Beautiful kitties. I haven't seen your earlier threads to know, which one is which?
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Sebastian is the 14 yr old (approximate) Siamesy looking guy. Daphne is the 2 1/2 yr old tortie and Galahad is the 7 month old orange creamsicle guy

Arlyn - hard to believe Daphne is so big! She is still my shoulder kitty though. Galahad watched her play fetch just once and now he brings me things to throw. That's the milk jug ring in the one photo. He fell asleep waiting for me Bad mommy!
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Awwwww! Galahad and Seb are soooo cute snuggled together! I also the picture of Galahad's belly and the milk ring. Galahad is getting so big! I love his long tail. And Seb is looking very well!
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Aww, Great pics, Love the ones on the chair with the boysGalahad reminds me of "Dewey" the Library cat they made a book of.

Daphne looks great, she got so big
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I think you need a bigger chair
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