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RIP Bundigz

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Last night my poor bunny Buttons crossed the bridge

RIP my sweet little hare
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RIP Buttons!
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I´m so sorry Laura...

RIP to Buttons...
my condolences...
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R.I.P. Buttons!

Its so sad, I know how it is to lose a bunny. I had an albino that I got for Easter when I was like 8, she lived a long life of 12 years. When she crossed the Bridge I was devistated! I'm so sorry, its horrible!
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Awww what a little cutie he is as well I'm so sorry for your loss

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thanks guys

I had a feeling she would go because she just didn't seem like herself yesterday, and I think she even said goodbye because she kissed my nose and seemed more friendly.
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I'm so sorry for Your loss. She's adorable! Rest in Peace Buttons.
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Im am so sorry for your loss. Buttons is a beauty.....RIF fluffy Buttons
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R.I.P Buttons Sorry for your loss.
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